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This just in via email. Again, Binkley Toy (the outfit the SockObama Company had prototype their product) has done and is doing the right thing in steadfastly refusing to produce this racist piece of crap toy. Rob appears to be a real stand up guy and always has answered our questions quickly once contacted. Here is his note in full:


If any of your reporters are writing about the Sock Obama I would ask you to please state something very clearly. My company, Binkley Toys Inc. is not, and will not be proceeding with manufacturing the Sock Obama toy.


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The SockObama people (as expected) were approached by some racist wingnuts who want to see the doll go into production. Not a big surprise. What is surprising is they seem to be hinting that they may take advantage of “other opportunities that have presented themselves”. AFTER apologizing. I guess they had buyer’s remorse on their heartfelt reversal in intent to produce a racist product for financial gain.

What they said on Sunday:

We are very apologetic to all who were upset by our toy idea.
We will not be proceeding with the manufacturing of this toy.

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from The Deseret News (via Joseph on IM and commenter Snowe). I give this piece of drivel to you in it’s entirety. It’s hilarious, really. I’m so glad Joe broke this story and started the pressure that would lead to their contract manufacturer refusing to make these racist dolls. Joe’s initial post was not always credited, but make no mistake this was a Plunderbund original. I’m really tempted to break this into pieces and comment on it, but It really does speak for itself.

We at TheSockObama Co. have some questions to pose. What’s really going on […]

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