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I’m known to periodically toss around a personal barb or two in the heat of the moment. One thing I don’t think I’ve ever done or seen done by those “in my flock” is publicly make fun of a cancer survivor. Last night during some Twitter perusing I got into it with well known John Kasich hack (and possible paid political consultant?) The Hinch Group.

It’s unclear who the person twittering is on this account – they may like us have more than one person doing it so I’ll wait for someone to personally own up to this before […]

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These people are ill. The latest email smear floating around (and wingnut meme) is that Barack Obama supports infanticide. He will not only fuck your white daughter, but he will take your babies, kill them, and eat them! Seriously.

The latest from the inbox originated from Frankie&Dwight (


Everyone needs to watch this.

great guy – huh
you make up your own mind.

Here is the smear video:

The interesting thing is that it features Jill Stanek, know anti-freedom crusader who has blogged that the Chinese eat fetuses. […]

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Jerome Corsi is Cracee!

On August 15, 2008 By

(Newser) – Author Jerome Corsi, he of the Kerry Swift Boat book and the new attack tome on Barack Obama, has a long history of, um, provocative theories. For instance: The world’s oil supplies are nearly infinite because oil constantly replenishes itself. Politico takes a look at some of his more outlandish claims over the years and how they’ve undermined his credibility on both the left and right. Among them:

* Muslims worship Satan.
* President Bush secretly plotted to merge the US with Canada and Mexico.
* John Kerry is a communist.
* […]

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Perfect timing on the heels of the New Yorker cover. The latest email smear on Obama sent by anonymous asshat using the email address Thanks to a reader for sending this one in:


The Jihad Candidate

I have been waiting for this type of information
about Obama to come to the Internet. This is
informative and a good read.

This message will make you stop and think outside
of the box…something all of us need to do before
it’s too late.

Dear Fort Worth Star […]

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ROFL. You gotta love this. “It’s unfair!”, they shouted. “Our comments about that African-born negro gay Muslim Manchurian candidate were taken out of context!”, they protested. “They made our beloved flag city into a racist hotbed of misinformation and it’s just not fair!”, they whined.

Somebody call the waaahbulance because I think we have an emergency of conscience here.

This is precisely why we blog their emails. Precisely why we blog their phone numbers. So they are called to the carpet and taken to task. Apparently it worked. Today on the front page of the Findlay Courier, there’s […]

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So John McCain’s new “Truth Squad” has a swiftboater on board. Nice. I wonder why Bud Day doesn’t demand that John McCain sign an SF-180 and release his military records. I’m sure that was his opinion of John Kerry back when his non-swiftboat ass was smearing the presidential candidate all over with his ads.

Also, if the McCain camp is so concerned about someone questioning the military record of a veteran and supposed wartime hero, then why are they openly associating with someone who did this very thing to John Kerry?

Because to Republicans, hypocrisy knows […]

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