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I am preparing to write the glowingest post about Chris Redfern I’ve ever written, or probably ever will write. ?Mr. Chairman, feel free to start shopping for frames that match Plunderbund’s color scheme. ?Before I do that, I need to touch on the potential for an ODP endorsement in the post-Garrison SOS primary in favor of Maryellen O’Shaughnessy over Sharen Neuhardt.

To be clear – I do not support ODP endorsements in primaries, ever. ?However, in this instance, an ODP endorsement was a last bullet, albeit high caliber, in the chamber aimed at getting out Jennifer Garrison. ?Whether that potential […]

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That’s what this story and this quote means.

Speaking at an Associated Press-sponsored conference for reporters, Redfern did not throw his support behind Garrison, who represents a competitive state House district that Democrats could struggle to keep if she runs for secretary of state.

“I feel confident she’ll hold that seat, if that’s her choice,” Redfern said.

Fernsy is very publicly letting it be known that it is ODP that is pushing out Garrison, and about to potentially endorse O’Shaughnessy. ?He wants the credit. ?If he pulls it off, he’ll deserve it.

Not quite time for a blog victory […]

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Good.? Now is the time for Jennifer Garrison to drop out.

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Eric touched on Sharen Neuhardt being drafted for Secretary of State.

Of course, this is all rumor until we here at PB confirm it. I am comfortable stating that what Anthony is hearing is correct*. I?ll also add that I?m hearing this was a true grassroots draft movement from progressives unhappy with Garrison as a candidate. Neuhardt was asked to run and is currently gauging support in the form of pledges to make a decision which way to go.

In addition, the rumors continue to grow louder that Garrison may drop out. ?It’s time. ?Jennifer Garrison has learned, very […]

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Anthony at ODB breaks the news that former candidate for Congress in OH-07 Sharen Neuhardt is considering a run for Secretary of State to oppose Jennifer Garrison in a Democratic Primary.

This may have been a bit lost in the shuffle of President Obama’s visit to Ohio, but it’s an interesting development and an important one. Jennifer Garrison desperately needs a primary. Despite the bewildering cover this conservative wolf in Democratic sheep’s clothing received from the largest progressive mouthpiece in Ohio, there is a large grassroots sentiment opposing Garrison on a statewide ticket. The gay and lesbian […]

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What do you call it when someone puts out a falsehood in a campaign, gets corrected on the matter, but then continues to use said falsehood?

I call it fucking lying. Not sure about you.

Steve Austria and his campaign manager Brad Mascho continue to push this story about Sharen Neuhardt “harboring an illegal” right on the front page of their site. Even though the entire thing has been proven absolutely false. Over and over and over. Maybe someone in the press can ask them why they continue to lie to the voters of the […]

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Matt Hurley gets punked by Roll Call along with Steve Austria and Brad Mascho. There is no harboring of illegal alien. But thanks for smearing the young man! Great work. Fucktards.

From Roll Call:

According to court records, Umohoza is currently in the country legally. He was granted a temporary stay on June 24, 2005, by a U.S. District Court judge in southern Ohio. And most recently, a magistrate judge, Sharon Ovington, recommended last month that he be allowed to stay in the country, calling Umohoza ?the type of person ? hardworking, intelligent, ambitious, law-abiding ? who would normally […]

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So it’s “leftard” now. That’s the latest bit of goodness from those that would call us here at Plunderbund profane. Ain’t it cute? Leftard. All the cool wingnut kids are using it! Especially the Starfleet Commanders!

So what have we learned about Matt Hurley this morning?

1. Matt Hurley can use Scribd to post documents the Austria campaign funneled to him. If you think this dumbass researched all these documents then I got a bridge to sell you up in Alaska.

2. Matt Hurley can name call with the best of them. Matt, come on. Leftard? PlunderDUMB […]

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I’m not sure how long Brad Mascho (Steve Austria’s campaign manager) has been in politics, but obviously not long enough to know much. The response from the Austria campaign to their dishonorable attack against a genocide refugee is just priceless. Grammatically and substantively. I’ll put the full release in the extended so you can laugh, but this one caught my eye:

It appears she is knowingly willing to ignore the law and court records.

Someone tell me how you unknowingly are willing to do something? English not Brad’s first language? I’m sure Brad would want immigrants (illegal or […]

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Illegal Aliens! Blacks! Criminals! Run! Hide!

Apparently the Steve Austria camp has been shopping what they thought was a great bit of oppo against Sharen Neuhardt around to papers. The DDN bit. Wingnut blogger Matt Hurley, of course, did too.

So that’s the story, right? The Republicans are going to try to scare the people of the 7th with stories of how some illegal alien is on the loose in their district and – GASP – he’s one of them there African types that commits the crimes! And it’s all Sharen Neuhardt’s fault!


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Jeff Coryell catches the Republican candidate for OH07 plagiarizing his labor day pandering message. Jeff notes that Austria is really not that into labor or workers:

State Sen. Steve Austria (R-Beavercreek) has touted his a 97% pro-business voting record and his heavily PAC-funded congressional campaign gets big support from business and nothing from labor. Overall he has a pretty poor voting record as far as labor is concerned, having voted against raising the minimum wage, against fair treatment for workers injured on the job, and for making it harder for state correctional workers to organize.

It’s pandering during a […]

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