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On the eve of the election, it’s hard to imagine a voter being moved by a long explanation of the factual details surrounding Issue 2, in either direction.  We’ve detailed every conceivable angle of Senate Bill 5, starting with its inception in February, its coming of age as it became a law, and its mid-life crisis as Issue 2.  Tomorrow, and in the days that follow, we will discuss its death and subsequent dismemberment by Republicans.

But tonight, as we think about voters who may still be undecided and looking to you, our readers, for direction, we wanted to find […]

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Building a Better Ohio spokesman Jason Mauk finally issued a response on behalf of the campaign on their misappropriation of Cincinnati great-grandmother Marelene Quinn, who has politely asked the campaign to cease and desist their use of her in their ad since it creates the impression that she supports Issue 2, when the footage was taken from a We Are Ohio ad where she supports defeat of Issue 2.

In short, Mauk told the great-grandmother from Cincinnati to go jump in the Ohio River:

"We’re certainly not taking the ad down," Mauk said. "We absolutely stand by it and our […]

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Want to see how a politician can, in an attempt to gain some short term public relations gain, cause himself long-term political harm?  Enter Governor Kasich who writes a ridiculous letter to We Are Ohio’s labor leaders demanding that they negotiate his surrender on Senate Bill 5 on Friday.

How ridiculous?

It starts with the new theory that Ted Strickland was really the genesis of SB 5.  What they’re referring to is Budget Planning and Management Commission that the Republicans in the legislature insisted be created in Governor Strickland’s first budget.  Except there was never any bipartisan […]

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If you need any further evidence that supporters of Senate Bill 5 are  becoming increasingly convinced that it will be repealed this November, enter today’s laughable editorial in the Columbus Dispatch (“Meet in the middle”)

We’ve heard this tune before.  We wrote about it back in June when Plain Dealer Kasich apologist Brent Larkin wrote the same thing.  If public polling didn’t show that 56% of Ohioans support repealing the bill, you wouldn’t see this nonsense coming out. 

But at least Brent Larkin admitted that it was Kasich’s heavy handed approach that doomed SB 5 […]

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Earlier today, Secretary of State Jon Husted informed the “We Are Ohio” campaign that his office has officially certified that they collected the sufficient number of valid signatures to place SB 5 on a repeal ballot this November.

Here’s a copy of Secretary of State Jon Husted’s letter.

And here’s a chart from Husted’s office showing a county by county breakdown.  In order to get it on the ballot they had to get over 231,150 signatures with the signatures coming from the equivalent of at least 3% of the votes cast in the 2010 gubernatorial election in […]

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The Columbus Dispatch reports today that the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police has revoked its endorsement of Jones in 2010 elections over her introduction of SB 5.

Jones, who was notified on Tuesday about the retraction, said she thinks the law maintains the rights of police and firefighters to bargain. "And I believe that they are different – and therefore should be given an expressed right to negotiate things like safety equipment," which is in the law, she said.

And she’s right. 

The bill, as passed, did continue to give police and firefighters an expressed right […]

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In today’s Columbus Dispatch, the Governor supposedly suggests that Shannon Jones made SB 5 vulnerable to attack by “jumping the gun” and introducing it before he could roll it into his State budget. It’s an odd claim for the Governor to make as it’s not exactly clear what he means by it.

The sequence of events suggests that Kasich, in fact, supported and pushed the legislature to aggressively pass SB 5 as quickly as possible. If Kasich didn’t want the legislature to seriously take up SB 5 before the budget, the recent history of the new Administration suggests countless examples that would suggest the Administration could have persuaded the GOP-led General Assembly to hold off.

Is it kind of telling that as the first signatures are being gathered to put SB 5 on the November ’11 ballot, Governor Kasich is already publicly laying the groundwork to direct the blame to Shannon Jones if SB 5 is defeated?

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In August 21, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the Strickland Administration had balanced the State’s budget by “raiding” what are called “rotary” funds that provide assistance for the blind and organ transplants.  Buried in the story was that the State budget contained statutory authorization to allow such transfers.  Omitted entirely until later coverage was the fact that this was a very common practice that prior Administrations had done with no controversy.

Of course, the anti-Strickland right pounced and none more quickly than Jon Keeling at Third Base Politics.  Keeling, who eventually was quietly put on the Ohio […]

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The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Carl Weiser hosted a chat with Senator Shannon Jones yesterday morning to discuss Senate Bill 5. Jones’ herself wasn’t able to figure out the complicated (sarcasm) interface to CoverItLive, but a large number of angry Ohioans were, and they had some choice questions that Ms. Jones talking points didn’t even come close to answering.

A poll conducted during the chat that shows 92% of people oppose the bill. Judging by the questions asking during the session it looks more like 100%.

I’m not going to cover the whole session here, but I though one of the questions, […]

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Booster Seats? Really?

On May 1, 2008 By

After her recent success infringing on women’s reproductive rights with her crappy, anti-choice ultrasound bill Rep. Shannon Jones (R-67) has taken up a new cause: making sure parents have to buy more expensive – and really ugly – crap for their cars.

Jones’s HB 320, which just passed the House, will make booster seat use mandatory for all children age 4 to 8 or shorter than 4 feet 9 inches.

Whatever happened to all of the Republicans who want a smaller government that stays out of people’s lives?

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