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From the original complaint:

The lawyer for the victim alleges he has confirmed that Ganley owns such a condo.

This guy wants to be in Congress.  He likes making women objects to submit to him.  He’s supported by a GOP county chairman who said we needed to get “Betty Sutton out of the House and back in the kitchen.”

He denies the allegations.  Says he has documentation that proves he’s innocent, but has not produced it.

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WKYC in Cleveland reports that Cleveland police have contacted Tom Ganley’s attorneys to request setting up an interview regarding the alleged victim’s allegation that Ganley sexually assaulted her in October 2009.

Ganley has a constitutional right not to be questioned by the police.  And, generally, that would be the expected advice of any criminal defense counsel not to subject him to such an interview except that Ganley is running for Congress and he (politically) cannot afford to appear to be not cooperating with the police.  Furthermore, most people don’t care what the Fifth Amendment says—they believe if you […]

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The alleged victim filed an amended complaint specifying that her sexual harassment claim is based on the denial of promised employment by Ganley after she rebuffed his alleged sexual advances.

The Plain Dealer also does a quick bio on both the accuser and her attorney and explains why the Ganley defenders claims that this was some “Democratic/Sutton plot” doesn’t hold water.

Heben said his client is an ardent abortion opponent who volunteered for the 2008 GOP congressional campaign of Jim Trakas, a former Cuyahoga County Republican Party chairman who ran against Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

Heben himself […]

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