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This week, after a string of bad news for their candidate in the race to take on Sherrod Brown, Ohio Republicans got desperate.

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Jim Renacci may be pushing the limit on Congressional rules for Facebook advertising on the taxpayer dime to shore up his weaknesses as he attempts to defeat Sherrod Brown for the U.S. Senate.

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Managed to get a hold of Rob Portman’s schedule for today.? Some interesting things in there, including:

1:30 P.M.: Tea Party Rally w/Rep. John Boehner
Location: National Mall *Note: Some Ohio observers are convinced that you are moderate ? we need to beat back that narrative and show your true conservative colors. Get loud, get angry. You will receive your ?Repeal Health Care? sign on site. *Note from Jessica: Stay silent should anyone say anything offensive, outrageous, untrue.

and my favorite:

9:00 P.M.: FUNDRAISER–RNC Young Eagles & Chair Michael Steele—Closed Press CANCELED CANCELED Club TBD
Washington, D.C. […]

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Live by the sword, you die by it I guess. The next time you hear a conservative blowhard talk about supporting the troops, remind them that at midnight last night the GOP delayed a vote on “funding the troops” in order to delay health care reform. Only 3 (count ’em 3) Republicans voted with Democrats to end debate and vote on the measure. 33 actually voted against the troops. You’ll note the silence on this among the wingnut blogosphere.

What was in it?

– More than $100 billion operations and maintenance, and military personnel requirements for ongoing military operations […]

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I’m going to go ahead and nominate this for post title of the year in a late entry: “Jennifer Brunner : The Velvet Inferno Begins Burning the Script”

Anthony nails it.

The line from the people who really know her goes like this : “God help these f___ers if they don’t take her seriously. She’s a wonderful person. Don’t get me wrong. She’s caring and compassionate and I’d walk through fire for her. But God help these guys if they cross her. She’s got ice water running through those veins and she’ll take you down a brick at […]

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Thoughts On Jennifer Brunner

On December 12, 2009 By

I want to share some of my thoughts from our recent live interview of Secretary of State and U.S. Senate candidate Jennifer Brunner. I was tied up trying to get the streaming stuff to work and run the regular video camera as well. I did manage to think of the drone question which Brian asked anyway. Great minds think alike and so do ours.

Jennifer was very gracious allowing us the time. We were obviously supporters but very critical of her Afghanistan stance and flip flop. I was glad she reached out in the way she did and […]

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Just a programming note to let everyone know that we have worked out a time to have Jennifer come on to discuss her campaign and specifically her position on Afghanistan and answer questions we have about her shift in positions as previously blogged about here at PB.

Friday, December 11th at 11am

The Plundercrew will be in Columbus and our plan is to stream the talk live. More details to come on that. We hope you’ll join us.

The discussion will center around Afghanistan, but feel free to put questions to Jennifer in the comments here. […]

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Complete text of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by the Senate is now available online. You can download the PDF here.

Video of the presser:

$127 billion reduction in deficit. 94% coverage. Includes an opt-out public option compromise. I’m still unsure of this one. Seems like you could opt yourself right out of any cost savings by diluting the strength of the pool of insured.

One of the most contentions provisions of late has been the Stupak-Pitts Amendment in the house. A pretty good compromise is being offered on this one:

The Senate version […]

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I nearly lost this email coming through from camp Brunner in the shuffle and mess of my inbox. It’s not the typical thing I pick up on, either. It’s a bit dry, slightly dense, and not at all controversial really. Not very Plunderbund.

It is important, though. Safeguarding retiree pensions. Labor Day will always be just another long weekend for most people – me included. The real meaning of Labor Day, however, is to honor the worker. The millions of people working hard over the course of lifetimes to build the middle class of America. The strength of our […]

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So I get a Facebook group invitation from Jordan Smith today. I get tons of those and ignore most, but this one caught my eye: “How about this: Brunner for the Ohio 12th Congressional District!”

Huh? LOL. Where have we seen this argument before. I KNOW! Paul Hackett. Don’t run for Senate Paul. Just be happy to run for that little Congressional job. There is someone else and it’s “their turn”.

Shit gets so old.

So the argument is that both candidates are great and all, but Jennifer should just settle for running for a Congressional seat […]

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Apparently, having a Republican heap praise on a Democrat running for President is not so good for another Republican who happens to be running for the same job. Back during the primary, Illinois State Senator Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale) was featured in an Obama ad talking about how the Senator did great work in Illinois getting both sides to work together (ie: get shit done).

John McCain has but the kibosh on any of that kind of talk. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Dillard has sent a letter to Obama strategist David Axelrod asking him not […]

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