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More from the Columbus Dispatch on the Senate GOP’s raid of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund:

The proposed raid of $30 million from the Housing Trust Fund is already drawing criticism from House Democrats who say the move is unwise as Ohio faces the worst foreclosure crisis in state history.

The fund helps pay for homeless shelters, housing programs, housing projects and home repairs for seniors. The fund, generated from fees on the sale of houses, is expected to have about $35 million per year, which is already down from $53 million.

?This would be devastating,? said Bill […]

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So, the Columbus Dispatch, has more details on exactly how the Senate GOP would fill the gap with less than a full freeze of the final income tax cut:

Raids $30 million from the Housing Trust Fund Removing the requirement that schools provide all-day kindergarten starting next school year, and the requirement that they meet class size restrictions. Restoring $25 million this year and $35 million next year to private, chartered schools, most of which are Catholic. The schools were hit with significant cuts in the two-year budget. Creating a commission to study state functions that could be […]

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Despite their best efforts, the Senate GOP Caucus could not unite behind an alternative plan to Governor Strickland’s proposal to freeze the implementation of the final phase of the state income tax cuts begun in 2005.? Therefore, they have resigned themselves to giving the Democrats the five votes necessary to pass their modified version of the House’s plan.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Senate GOP plan delay implementation of a majority of the tax cut with the remaining hole filled by other sources, such as the casino licensing fees being paid now that Issue 3 has […]

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Look, I’ve been really hard on the Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus, its leaders, and particularly Ohio Senate Minority Leader Capri Cafaro.

It’s hard when you are so outnumbered by the Senate Republicans to be politically relevant, or to convince Democratic donors to donate to your caucus in your campaign to chip away and eventually take over a legislative body most of us have always known to be controlled by the Republicans.

But I think Senate Minority Leader Cafaro has listened to that criticism and is responding, and therefore, she should be applauded.

Watching the Senate Republican majority trying to find […]

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