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John Kasich and Rob Portman aren’t just running a campaign on jobs and the economy.  But very specificially, they’re claiming that Ohio’s economic woes are because despite 16 years of all Republican rule in the State of Ohio before Governor Strickland took office, Ohio is such a horrible taxing and regulatory environment that businesses just cannot succeed here and have been engaged in a mass migration out of the State. 

Remember this Rob Portman ad?

OMG!  Look at those fleeing arrows out of Ohio!  We’ve lost nearly 400,000 while setting a record of mass business migration out […]

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Add to the base pandering list one Jennifer Brunner. Jennifer decided to go the route of the panderers even before Obama’s speech, which she spent being featured at a women’s forum. We call that pot shots from the cheap seats. If you have a strong principled stand against the President’s plans in Afghanistan you might want to have a forum on that during an important speech.

Hell, if you had a principled stand against escalation in Afghanistan you might campaign against the candidate who said in the campaign that he’d do just that. Jennifer, if I remember correctly, didn’t do […]

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Of course nobody reads blogs and they should just shut the hell up. On the other hand, would this news have come if blogs had not pushed the issue? Some may posit that Brunner and Celeste were never going to get the endorsement anyway so it’s easy for them not to ask for it.

…which would miss the point entirely. This is about forcing the issue to expose an undemocratic insider process that ultimately gives us poorer candidates (Sherrod Brown probably a notable exception). Now nobody but Lee asks for it and ODP will kindly then be “forced” to […]

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Jennifer Brunner Call

On February 17, 2009 By

Just hopped on a blogger call with JB. Basically she’s OHIO through and through, has experience, raised 3 kids and 3 foster kids.

Brunner has no comment on Fisher’s announcement at 6 and playing catch up. Lee told her earlier today that it’d be a couple days

Brunner decided more than a month ago to run. Talked to Emily’s List. Officially filed with FEC. Taking money already

Emily’s List has been a big help. Looks forward to working with them.

Will not step down from SOS role as election gets closer.

Focusing hard on funding out of […]

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Just wondering if everyone else is yawning as much as me. Maybe the 5:50pm conference call will liven me up!

Update: Here’s a thought. Wasn’t a Dem criticism of Republicans that they were a revolving door musical chairs? How does this play to that?

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