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Today, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Secretary of State Jon Husted announced that he will relent and allow Cuyahoga County mail unsolicited absentee ballot requests (as it’s done for years now) to voters in order to prevent overcrowded lines on election day after an unanimous, bipartisan Cuyahoga County Council passed a resolution authorizing the program.

Husted has tried to justify his opposition to large counties sending out unsolicited absentee ballots by arguing that making it easier for such voters in those counties to vote was “unfair” to other voters who didn’t have the benefit of such programs and […]

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The Ohio House Republicans ran in 2010 on job creation. They even had an entire platform of job-related bills they said they’d pass. As they self-congratulate themselves over their first 100 days in power, why is that 11 of the fifteen bills they highlight passing have nothing to do with jobs? And why did they spend more time on abortion than the budget or job creation?

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The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) has finally taken a public position on HB 159, the bill that would require all voters to present a government issue photo identification in order to vote.

First the good news, Secretary Husted doesn’t believe the change is warranted:

"I believe that if you have a government-issued check, a utility bill in your name with your address on it, that no one made that up," Husted said to reporters following his speech during League of Women Voters of Ohio’s annual Statehouse Day. "They […]

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1 signature vs. 3,000

On April 4, 2011 By

On Thursday, Governor Kasich signed SB 5, triggering the 90-days in which to get the bill on a referendum or it becomes law.

Over the weekend, the Dispatch reports that SB 5’s opponents gathered over 3,000 signatures for the 1,000 signatures they need to initially file with the Secretary of State and Attorney General’s office as we’ve discussed this morning.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has reported the signatures were delivered late this afternoon to the Secretary of State’s office.  We’ve been told the required filings have been made with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.


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Roughly a month ago today, I wrote a post outlining the referendum process to repeal SB 5

If you recap that post, here’s what’s already occurred:

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Suffolk University out of Boston polled the Ohio Statewide races as well as some other issues.  I guess it’s a testament to the important of Ohio to the national political scene that we have so many out-of-state, East Coast universities who poll Ohio fairly regularly like Quinnipiac.

Anyway, the poll of 500 likely voters had some expected, and unexpected results.

The Expected

Guess which polling outfit has shown the closest margin in the Senate race?  Well, this poll comes close but it’s still shows a double-digit lead as opposed to the last Rasmussen poll which is the only […]

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According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Jon Husted has decided to drop out of the Cleveland City Club debate with his Democratic opponent Maryellen O’Shaughnessy.

The debate was scheduled for September 29th.  Both campaigns had confirmed their attendance.

Husted’s reason?  He’s scheduled to do nine joint appearances with O’Shaughnessy.  Not sure how many of those are nothing more than editorial board meetings with Ohio’s newspapers. [UPDATE:] Yep.  We’ve confirmed with the O’Shaugnessy campaign that Husted’s “nine joint appearances” consists of two planned debates, and the rest were joint appearances in front of Ohio newspaper’s editorial boards seeking […]

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Modern already posted about several FOP endorsements today. Included in that is a nod to Secretary of State candidate Maryellen O’Shaughnessy. While Modern rightly points out that these endorsements are in all likelihood who the FOP think will win in November (Fisher the notable exception), I do find it odd that a former speaker of the Ohio House cannot wrap up their endorsement.

But hey, there’s always the German-American Civic Forum.

(Full disclosure: I’m part “German American” so no offense there)

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How in the world did Ohio’s “conservative” blogosphere miss this one?

State pension funds and communities in a state investment pool will save nearly $20 million in bank fees over two years through new contracts competitively bid by state Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce.

Fiscal responsibility. It’s not just a bumper sticker.

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Why is Jon Husted waging War on Christmas? First he gets busted using the corporate jets of lobbyists to jet off family and friends on fishing trips and bowl games. Then he can’t remember where the hell it is he actually lives. Now he’s waging War on Christmas?

Happy Holidays??? warmth and joy of the HOLIDAY season???

WTF Jon. You a commie? Peace and love???

Are you serious Jon? Jesus. Hah. Yes. JESUS. You don’t mention Jesus at all and only a passing reference to his father. Pagan trees and wrapped gifts. No mention of CHRISTMAS. No […]

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Good. ?Anthony says she’s considering a few things!

The question Hoke must answer is whether or not….

Here’s the deal, Candice. ?The question is whether or not YOU ACTUALLY RUN. ?If you intend to ACTUALLY RUN, you will have more support than you could ever hope for. ?And unless you ACTUALLY RUN, this blogger is going to be silent about your candidacy, however fine a secretary of state you would make, which by the looks of it, could be stellar. ?Could. ?Might. ?Should. ?WHATEVER.

This is one guy who’s sick and tired of being bait and switched by candidates […]

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