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Yesterday, the Columbus Dispatch reported that the House Republicans were set to consider some 200 amendments submitted in response to the Substitute House Bill they introduced for the State’s budget Thursday afternoon.  Now the fate of these amendments are far from certain, but among the things the House GOP is being urged to change are:

Their new provision that would give county commissioners authority to privatize county jails.  It’s getting to the point where Ohio’s criminals may never actually be punished by the State, but out-of-state corporations hired to mete out punishment for profits. Some Cincinnati-area lawmakers want to […]

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State Senator Kevin Coughlin (R-Cuyahoga Falls) doesn’t give up.

He’s always trying to privatize something i.e. give away OUR tax dollars to HIS big campaign contributors.

This time he’s using Special Education students as pawns in his plan to give away much-needed public school funds to his private-school-operating pals.

As we’ve mentioned here before, Kevin has received TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars in campaign contributions from the owners of private school companies.

And he is doing his best to return the favor with his most recent attempt to expand the voucher […]

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After Strickland’s State of the State speech, ONN’s crack political reporters were on the scene at the State House to find out what people like State Senator Kevin Coughlin thought of the speech.

Not suprisingly, Mr. Coughlin hated the school voucher cut and the proposal to eliminate for-profit schools- what he calls the ‘proposal to eliminate school choice’.

He claims to be puzzled by the choice since most of the people who benefit from the vouchers are “inner city … african american families” aka: Strickland’s “own constituencies”. (what is he saying? Blacks only vote for Democrats?) Which, […]

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Ted Strickland was getting a bunch of standing ovations from the entire audience.

The Republicans seemed to love the talk about cutting the budget- until he announced he was cutting the EdChoice Program (school vouchers) from his budget.

That got a bunch of woo-hoos from the Democrats in the room- and sad looks from the Republicans.

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