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If the McCain camp thinks they are going to get away with this quick turn of the economy page, think again:

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Beware TrooperGate!

On August 30, 2008 By

This could be fun. This is a pretty good overview of the trouble Sarah Palin may be in up in Alaska. Trouble that could indeed derail her as a VP candidate. If John McCain only ever met her once and talked to her on the phone once before picking her as his running mate, what are the chances they’ve fully vetted this matter?

It could get ugly:

John McCain’s choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential candidate is somewhat baffling given that Palin is currently the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Alaska state Legislature […]

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Headline of the week!

About a dozen investigators from the Ohio inspector general’s office showed up at Attorney General’s Marc Dann’s office in the Rhodes Tower in Columbus to begin an independent investigation.

They have already confiscated computer equipment, and State Highway Patrol officers are on the ground floor of the tower checking people’s badges and belongings as they leave. Apparently patrol members are targeting employees of the attorney general’s office for bag searches.

Lt. Jim Wernecke of the patrol confirmed that the patrol is there at the request of the inspector general. He would not comment further.

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Breaking: Ted Says No Deal

On May 13, 2008 By

I’m hearing Ted just signed the bill to allow the IG to move forward with a special investigation of the AG’s office immediately.

So Ted says no dice.


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It’s now being reported that Marc is backing away from resigning because the legislature won’t commit to not investigating his office fully. They refused this condition and he is now capitulating on resigning. Apparently there is much more to find and Dann could be in more trouble than we know. I hope they stick to this and Marc gets what’s coming to him.

The story is developing for sure. I’d not be sure of a Dann resignation until you hear it from him.

Just go away, Marc.

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PlunderPedia: Dann Remorse

On May 13, 2008 By

Dann Remorse: That feeling you get when you know you were right to oppose a political candidate from the start but gave them the benefit of the doubt because they were on your side and you come to realize how right you were! Similar to the popular phrase “Buyer’s Remorse”.

I’ve been suffering from Dann Remorse for some time.

…but at least I have this collector’s tee!

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Not that it’s the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Brian Rothenberg, but it’s time to do so again. Brian and I are famous for our squaring off over a dinner with Barack Obama. We even had a few roundabouts in the office when I worked at ProgressOhio.

So here we go again.

Brian’s latest Shadows on High column reads like a defense of Marc Dann. The argument? It’s just SEX (and the media are obsessing over it).

Well, it’s not just about sex. The lurid details about pajamas or no pajamas aside, this story is about […]

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From Openers:

ann has hired a noted Texas Democratic opposition research firm whose motto is: “We Serve Republicans. Would You Like Them Skewered, Roasted, or Deep Fried?”

Jason Stanford is president of Stanford Campaigns and Stanford Research in Austin, Texas. He said he has been hired by Dann to do the attorney general’s talking when it comes political matters not related to his state job.

Dann, a Democrat, has even revived his 2006 campaign slogan, Dann for Ohio, and will pay Stanford from leftover campaign funds, Stanford said.

Stanford lives in Texas but that he and Dann have mutual […]

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Making Ohioans everywhere proud:

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It’s on! The letter:

Dear Attorney General Dann, We write to you tonight to ask that you resign your position as Attorney General of the State of Ohio.

We believe that your actions have irreparably harmed your ability to effectively serve the people of our great state. The work of the Office of the Attorney General matters more, and is far more important, than any one person. In many, many cases it is all that stands between the people and the powerful.

Sadly, we no longer have even the most remote hope that you can continue to effectively […]

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More calls for Marc Dann to resign and do so quickly:

“Sexual harassment can’t be tolerated,” Kilroy said in a statement released this evening. “As a mother of two daughters of about the same age as those in the press accounts, I am appalled that those in power would abuse their authority in such a shameful way. Marc Dann should resign and he should do so quickly.”

Kilroy added that the actions by Dann and several top aides “have damaged the trust that people should have in their elected officials. In service to the people of Ohio, Marc Dann […]

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