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In their latest attempt to disguise their failed efforts at convincing us that a majority of Ohioans support the union-busting legislation in Ohio, John Kasich’s agent group, Building a Better Ohio has teamed up with some unhappy Tea Party teachers and filed a class-action lawsuit in federal court against the Ohio Education Association and some of its affiliates, including a local association to which they have absolutely no connection.

On the day after Better Ohio lost their argument (presented by attorney Donald Brey) in front of the Ohio Ballot Board to try and have the Senate Bill 5 […]

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With August right around the corner and the Ohio Secretary of State assigning an issue number (#2) to the Senate Bill 5 Referendum, it’s time to start dissecting the grossly flawed bill that brought millions of Ohioans together in opposition this year.  Much of the Senate Bill 5 language was rewritten into HB153 (budget bill) when it became apparent that the referendum effort would succeed, but since so many variations of each bill have come and gone in the committees, it’s important to revisit the appalling language that John Kasich gleefully signed […]

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TEA PARTY DISCOVERY #5: Identity Crisis

The Tea Party members should consider reading the Constitution and Federalist Papers to better align their stated mission and values with their guiding documents.

Have pity for these lost souls and kindly direct them to review their core values. I would like to emphasize an excerpt from the Federalist Papers, #85 as evidence.

The judgments of many must unite in the work; Experience must guide their labor; Time must bring it to perfection; . . . ought to put them upon their guard against. . . military despotism of a victorious demagogue . . . I know […]

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Last week, I posted about Governor Kasich’s budgetary plan to require all core subject teachers in low-scoring school districts to take licensure tests. The text of this newly created section of Ohio Revised Code reads as follows:

Sec. 3319.58
(C) Each year, the board of education of each school district in the lowest ten percentiles of performance index score shall require each of its classroom teachers teaching in a core subject area to register for and take all written examinations prescribed by the state board of education for licensure to teach that core subject area and the […]

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Hey, gang, remember SB 5?  Yep, it’s still out there.  Still pending in House.  And making State Senator Frank LaRose the most powerful legislator in the State of Ohio right now.  This isn’t going to script at all for the GOP. 

You see, Kasich came out of the election and declared a sudden interest in major collective bargaining “reforms” that he never discussed much during the campaign.  In outlining the issue, Kasich mandated that “reform” had to have number of key components in it.  One of those mandatory components was that binding arbitration had to go: not amended, ended.  […]

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(HT: Hamilton County Commissioner David Pepper, Yost’s opponent in ‘10)

Pretty damning letter David Yost sent to get the Ohio F.O.P.’s endorsement last year:

That was, of course, BEFORE the election.

Here’s what State Auditor David Yost said at a Meigs County Republican event last week (Source: Pomeroy Daily Sentinel):

Yost singled out State Sen. Jimmy Stewart, R-Meigs, also at the dinner, supporting him on his recent vote to pass the controversial Senate Bill 5 through the Ohio Senate. SB 5 deals with collective bargaining rights of public employees. Stewart’s vote to […]

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Are you one of the folks who haven’t been able to attend an SB 5 protest because they’ve all been during business hours?  Looking for something to do this Saturday in Columbus?  Well, do we have the solution for you!

We just got this press release e-mailed to us:

Opponents to Senate Bill 5 are invited to attend a Rally this Saturday March 12th at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. The Rally starts at 12:00 p.m. We will be meeting by the President McKinley Statue off of High Street.

This event is sponsored by the grass roots groups “No SB […]

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The Dispatch and other media outlets are reporting that the House GOP leadership is DENYING that the reason two members of the House Commerce and Labor Committee had anything to do with the votes:

“House GOP leaders said the changes were made because the two need to focus on the Finance Committee, which will start budget hearings next week.”

I don’t know what’s a worse assignment for a Republican in a swing district facing re-election next year: being on the committee deciding SB 5 or Kasich’s budget.

Meanwhile, Shannon Jones continues to just make stuff up about SB […]

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Yeah, that whole “Tea Party is nothing more than Koch Brothers/Americans for Prosperity funding astroturfing operation” is just a kooky liberal smear.  Except of course, when a Tea Party activist posts on YouTube the training session they just had with Americans for Prosperity…

Meanwhile, we’ve got over an hour of footage of a “grassroots training session” in which an Ohio official from Americans from Prosperity “trains” the Tea Party to advocate their state legislators on SB 5, repealing the estate tax, and other conservative legislative agenda items.

On the budget: Americans for Prosperity predicts that the state budget will […]

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Governor Kasich has been saying since SB 5 was introduced that it is necessary to pass collective bargaining reform in order to give local government and school districts the “flexibility” they need to handle their costs, especially since his budget is planning to slash spending for schools and may all but eliminate the State Local Government Fund.  Put aside for a moment that means SB 5 is being presented as a solution to a future budget problem of Governor Kasich’s own making, how far does SB 5 actually go in helping with local governments and schools in managing their costs?


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Boy, can’t you just tell how popular a bill is when NOBODY wants to take credit for its passage?  We’ve now seen multiple instances of Senator Gillmor making essentially the kind of statement as found in this comment about her post-SB 5 letter to constituents:

As you know, the bill was passed out of the Senate this week, with Senate President Tom Niehaus casting the deciding vote.

We’ve been told that she said something similar elsewhere.  She objects to any idea that she was the decisive vote on SB5, but instead calling it Niehaus’ decision under the same plausible deniability […]

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