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Not sure, but this may be the first blogger produced video shot at a Sarah Palin book-signing campout.? We hit Camp Palin outside the Borders in Dublin, Ohio, outside Columbus.

It’s been a long night.? We heard that people had begun camping out at the Dublin (Columbus area) Borders as early as 7pm, for a book signing at 6pm the next day (today).? So […]

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More Palin Greatness from someecards

On November 19, 2009 By

Must be Palin week. She coming to town or something?

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Photo: New Palin Book Fiction?

On November 19, 2009 By

Walked by books in a local Meijer and found this:

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The PalinPalooza continues, indeed accelerates.? For a woman who incessantly mocked the “celebrity” of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin is making Barack look like an amateur.? The Republican Party, and all their organs of manipulation, play right along.

They’re all in.? Good.? Because nothing is more certain in today’s media environment than the cycle of build up, destroy.? The higher they rise, the harder they fall. The very same people today blowing smoke up Palin’s spandex clad sphincter will tomorrow shove a red hot poker up it.? That’s bankable.

But with Palin, the inevitable crash will be far worse than it […]

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Hi, Sarah. It’s warning SIGNS. The flags are RED. RED flags. Warning SIGNS. Dontchaknow there! Warhol never said 15 minutes would last this long…

(ht TPM)

Best comment at TPM:

She’s right. How can we prevent another Oklahoma City Bombing if we don’t screen for right-wing crazies who believe wacky conspiracy theories, are loudly anti-federal government and who belong to secessionist organizations.

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I bought the book yesterday. I seriously considered going to a bookstore in another town where there was no chance of me running into someone I know or having the cashier recognize me, but I just took a deep breath and went into my neighborhood B&N.

Then, I circled the store. Who knew buying a book would be stressful (especially for a book addict like me)!?

I picked up the latest US Weekly and Harper’s (which has a cover story about the future of newspapers) and then took the plunge, grabbed the book and headed to the checkout.

I […]

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I’ll do it – and “report” back – if you ask.

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In case you were wondering if our favorite wingnut-rogue mom-public service commitment quitting-electoral losing ex-politician is still batshit crazy?? I can confirm this as not only true, but continuing to exceed even my giddy expectations.

It’s no wonder Palin won’t allow any press, cell phones, or other recording devices into her speeches.? She’s completely lost it and has no sense of how very little her isolated following is when it comes to anything meaningful in her political future.? What political future, you ask?


All this criticism of this great American is so totally bogus, dontchaknow!? Sarah Palin speeches r […]

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OK. He didn’t say fucking. I did. He also didn’t say she was, but he did say her interpretation of “end of life counseling” as “death panels” is:

One of the foremost advocates of expanding Medicare end-of-life planning coverage is Johnny Isakson, a Republican Senator from Georgia. He co-sponsored 2007’s Medicare End-of-Life Planning Act and proposed an amendment similar to the House bill’s Section 1233 during the Senate HELP Committee’s mark-up of its health care bill. I reached Sen. Isakson at his office this afternoon. He was befuddled that this had become a question of euthanasia, termed Palin’s interpretation “nuts,” […]

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Keith goes off on “Death Panel Palin” and…ahum…KILLS it!

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Shatner delivers again!

In case you missed it, here’s her farewell speech as read by Shatner.

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