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Andrew Sullivan is on quite a tear over Sarah Palin’s Tea Party appearance last night. ?I didn’t get to see the whole thing – I channel flipped between Palin and the Cavs, who were in the process of blowing a massive lead at home to the Knicks – Lebron, of course, pulled it out. ?What I did see of Palin last night convinces me of my Grand Theory of All Things Palin, which is the following.

Sarah Palin is nothing but an attention whore, and yes, I use that word on purpose. ?Palin has gotten where she is by being […]

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It only took 24 pages.

I picked up the book to give it another try after Thanksgiving. My annoyance with the first 15 pages had faded. All I remembered was the boredom. So, I gave it another shot.

Then, on page 22, she quoted “french writer Blaise Pascal.” I wondered if that was someone I should know from college philosophy or political science. Couldn’t recall, so I made a note to google it.

But within two more pages, when Palin supposedly quotes Plato, I had had enough. I closed the book, put the cover back on and stuck it in […]

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Imagine that. Sarah Palin’s “Bus Tour” is a big fake.

Of course it is.

While having a belated Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend at my in-laws’ house my mother in law told me a friend had seen the Palin bus behind their house parked behind a Target. The day before the Columbus signing.

Odd, huh? Then I read all the ruckus online about how Palin is not actually traveling across country on a bus doing a book tour:

It seems now that Palin hasn?t been on the bus, except for short hops between local airports and […]

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It’s irrational to find the underside of a toe nail sexually arousing, and yet, for those so aroused, it’s addictive.? It’s called a fetish.

If you understand that your fetish is just that, great.? Go suck the underside of a toe nail, see if I care.? If you think your fetishes are somehow rational, you are misguided.? If you think your fetishes amount to a political philosophy, you’re a god damned idiot….and a conservative Republican teabagger.

Let’s start with historical re-enactment, the first, most obvious fetish of conservative Republicanism.? We’ve all seen the magazines, maybe in the library or at […]

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Infrastructure Fairies?

On November 24, 2009 By

Honestly, I did not think Going Rogue was going to be any sort of challenge to read (of course, I also didn’t think I’d be in the process of buying a house this week!).

But the book is boring.

After reading a page or two, I think to myself, “Why did Sarah Palin think anyone would want to read that anecdote?”

And then there are the times she just confuses me.

One example: in the first few pages of the book, she wrote that when oil production started booming in 1977, “billions of dollars flowed into state […]

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This guy says he was camping out in Columbus and ended up at some other Palin book signing….we missed him.? Maybe he wasn’t suited up yet.? Via…who else….Wonkette.

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A friend sent me a link to a new video by New Left Media, who interviewed Sarah Palin supporters outside of the Borders bookstore in Dublin, Ohio. We saw this guy the morning of the event. He had a cameraman (nice camera) and an actual microphone and was interviewing people in line. His tactics are friendlier, but the stupidity still shines through:

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Thanks Sarah!

Guess who else is raking in the dough as Sarah Palin noisily returns to the national stage: her detractors. After months of trailing Republicans in fundraising, Dems raised $11.5 million in October, a record for a non-presidential year

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After Tim published the last video from the all-night Palin book signing camp-out in Dublin Ohio, people began to ask us if we had more footage. But of course!

When we originally went out to see what was happening at the Border’s bookstore in suburban Columbus Ohio where people were camping out to be the first in line for a Sarah Palin book signing event, we had no idea what we’d be in for. It’s always this way. What was apparent right away was that these people were literally dug in for the long haul on their support […]

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Boy, I love me some irony.? What the hell else did they expect given her history of quitting on her home state of Alaska so that she could travel around in a custom bus taking dollars from unsuspecting sycophants?

Seriously. Palin’s little book tour appears to be like honey to stupid bees.

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