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Well, I’m on the road

On November 26, 2010 By

The good news – my 1994 Saturn SC2 is showing every sign of cooperation.  The bad news – none yet, really.  We had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday at the usual spot, my brother’s place north of Columbus.  The turkey was perfect, pictured above.  My brother has perfected his method beyond all reasonable expectation.

Today I continue south for the first set of interviews.  I may gather a few today among Black Friday shoppers, although attempting to identify Democrats among Black Friday Christmas shoppers to talk on video about politics sounds like trouble.   If I’m gonna go through that kind […]

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After about 45 seconds of careful deliberation, we at Plunderbund have decided to begin a new series by sending our most underemployed contributor (me) out on the road.  Beginning after Thanksgiving, I’ll be hitting the trail to talk to Democrats in Ohio, focusing on video interviews with grassroots activists, talking about where Democrats go from here. Potentially, I’ll be talking to Democrats across the country.  All these posts will be tagged “russo on the road“, so they’ll be easy to find.

Why beginning after Thanksgiving?  Well, I’ll already be in Columbus for family stuff, so that gas is already […]

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