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Check this site. Many will recall the epic series of print ads for my county council race earlier this year.  They included….

…and this one, which may be the defining print ad of my race.

The ads were designed by Tremont artist Rick Novario, who has just finished re-vamping his website,, to allow purchase of pre-designed banners for any occasion.  So click through, have a look at Rick’s stuff, and if you need a banner this holiday season, do me a favor – buy it from Rick. He’s one of […]

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Not the other way around.  And I fully support Yvonne Cionwell for District 7.

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My first internship in politics was with Dennis Kucinich’s primary challenge to Mary Rose Oakar in 1988, which Dennis lost 75-25.  I’ll never forget what Dennis said at the start of his concession that night. “I’d rather lose by this kind of margin than by one point.”  Wisdom never knew such brevity.

Thus, as I recover from my campaign, I’m looking for silver linings in the results.  There were 6 precincts in Old Brooklyn that immediately jumped out as the highest turnout precincts, nearly double the average turnout across the entire 7th district.  Largely because of the now overturned […]

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I’ve been on the losing side of an election before, but not quite like this one – being the candidate, and all.  So I’m still in varying stages of coma.  But one thing is certain.  I plan to continue advocating to ban the box on employment applications asking about a criminal record.  It is wrong, and it must stop.  Period.

I wrote a piece on this subject for The Independent, we pushed hard on the issue during the campaign, and here’s a video of me talking about it.

I relied a great deal on the research from […]

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I’m still in post-election coma, but I really want to thank all the people who supported my campaign, and the 730 voters who decided a man is more than the measure of his worst mistake.  It means a lot to have so many good people stand in my corner.  Many of you had a little taste of my existence, with the endless tossing of my criminal record into your face.  I’m sorry you had to go through that, and it means a lot to know that you stuck with me.  Thank you.

It’s for those people that I’m writing this […]

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For a live chat with co-blogger/Democratic candidate for the 7th Cuyahoga County Council District for primary election night coverage.

We’ll probably know the answer before then.  But feel free to wish Tim well in the final 24-hours of his primary campaign.

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Blogger vs. candidate struggle is still ongoing.  This video from Modern really warmed my heart – there certainly is a Seabiscuit feel to all this.  I got a good night’s sleep for once, up early, so I thought I’d throw out some advice from the field to fellow Democrats facing a long autumn campaign, before I really disappear into the final two weeks of my own campaign.

Democrats need to be Democrats.  It’s a cliche, I know, and yes, I am, in fact, running in a safe, 89% Democratic seat in rock solid blue Cuyahoga County inner city Cleveland.  […]

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Wonder if his campaign has hit its stride yet?

14 days to go, Tim….

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