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If Jon Keeling didn’t have a record of getting the Ohio media to incorporate his B.S. narratives so much in their reporting, I wouldn’t bother.  But Keeling (and by extension, the Kasich campaign) is trying to spread a rumor that the Democratic Governor’s Association is pulling out of Ohio.

But it’s not true, as I have confirmed it with the DGA.  But beyond that, just last week, the DGA filed a complaint against Fox News with the Ohio Elections Commission concerning their free advertisement of John Kasich’s campaign and assistance in on-air campaign fundraising.  This week, they’ve got […]

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News Corp., the parent company of Rupert Murdoch’s “liberal” media empire that includes the Wall Street Journal, the  New York Post, and Fox News was recently revealed to have donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association.  The first time a media company has been seen actually lending financial support to a political party on campaigns it regularly “covers.”  I have to say “covers” in quotation marks because the coverage of the Ohio Governor’s race has been unusually one-sided.

The RGA has spent a reported $2 million on Kasich’s campaign.  Rupert Murdoch and his wife have donated $20,000 […]

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Not only is the ad really bad because its filled with cheesy, forced attack lines based on obscure political references (I’d note that not even the Carpetblogger has written or Tweet’d about it), but according to the Columbus Dispatch (R-Columbus), it’s also false and misleading.

First, the ad lies about the true state of the jobs market in Ohio:

Like the other ads, the latest, which began airing yesterday, focuses on jobs lost during Strickland’s tenure, although after several months of job gains, the actual number lost is 379,900 from December 2006 through June.

Yeah, they’re only 20,000 jobs off […]

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This ad is so inside baseball, I don’t even have the slightest clue what they’re talking about.

The RGA continues with their entire focus on Strickland because he’s the front-runner and incumbent, and, let’s face it, John Kasich has yet to offer Ohio anything to compare him to Strickland.

This ad is just terrible, but still better than the Incredible Hulking Kasich ad.

I don’t think most voters will understand it. And it invites Strickland’s campaign to boast about his fiscal conservative record… which is exactly what it did in response:

“The record is clear: Ted has made […]

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Remember the Dream. Remember November. from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Wow.  Now if they could just give John Kasich something to stand for.

Apparently, the RGA also single handedly won WWII, ended communism, and brought us Teddy Roosevelt (despite not existing at the time.)

Nothing like showing a bunch of Gulf Coast state governors dependent on the federal government to respond to the oil spill to demonstrate great leadership.

This video is just as vapid as Kasich’s campaign.  All unjustified fluff, no substance.  Maybe it’ll help them raise some dough?  But it’s not going to […]

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During the first commercial break on this Sunday morning’s ABC This Week, a new attack ad on Kasich aired, along these lines, followed immediately by the RGA’s lame ass pro-Kasich attack ad, which was the same RGA ad from before.  The RGA ad was down to 15 seconds from 30.  What’s the missing 15 seconds?

Proving that even Republicans know their manufactured incomprehensibly byzantine trooper scandal novella doesn’t have the slightest traction with a single undecided voter in the entire state, the RGA has cut out the absurd bit of their ad featuring the hot chick saying […]

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