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Seriously, the Republican Governors Association is engaged in that tired, cliche GOP tactic of false equivalencies.

This is an incredibly dumb ad for the RGA to run.

Incredibly dumb.

In making this ad, the RGA is conceding that support for policies that lead to outsourcing are wrong… from a Republican perspective.  That means the tax law changes that Senate candidate Rob Portman supported, the “free trade” deals that he pushed through Congress, and the repeated trade deals he and Kasich supported in Congress, like NAFTA, are “job killers.”

Don’t believe me, just ask the RGA!  It’s in their AD!

The […]

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Here’s Karl Rove in today’s Wall Street Journal:

In Ohio, for example, the RGA spent $2.8 million to blunt a $3 million Democratic effort to trash former Ohio Congressman John Kasich. Mr. Kasich now leads Democrat incumbent Ted Strickland by eight points.

Here’s Rasmussen today:

Republican John Kasich’s support has fallen to its lowest level to date as he challenges Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland in Ohio’s gubernatorial race.

Oops!  Kasich’s lead instead collapsed and now even Rasmussen, the only poll left showing Kasich–and not Strickland–with the lead, shows it’s tied instead.

Of course, the eight-point […]

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It’s been two weeks since the last Rasmussen Reports poll came out.  Just like the Senate race, the last three polls in the race have all been Rasmussen.

For almost a month, neither the DGA nor the Strickland campaign has been running any ads in Ohio.  So, the Kasich-Taylor campaign has had the airwaves all to themselves.

Here’s what Rasmussen has shown over the past month.

Pre-Kasich ad:

(Rasmussen 7/5/10)

Kasich: 47% Strickland: 40% Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%

Immediately after Kasich ad starting running:

(Rasmussen 7/21/10)

Kasich: 48% Strickland: 43% Kasich Very Unfavorable: 16%


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Tim’s right.  The RGA’s ad is laughable.

You know why NCR left Dayton?  Because by the time Ted Strickland became Governor, NCR had already moved most of its operations out of Ohio during the Republican Administrations of Voinovich and Taft.  When Ted became Governor, the only thing left in Dayton of NCR was its symbolic HQ.  A new CEO from Wall Street came in and said, hey, why do we have our HQ (where the CEO doesn’t even work) in Ohio when everything it manages is in Georgia?

According to this January story in the New York Times, […]

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Where to even begin?  First, if you’re going to have an ad about unemployment, why feature two Johnny Lunchpails driving in their work truck from . . . work?  Is this some kind of ham handed attempt by  Republicans to appeal to blue collar workers ?  It strikes me as an odd choice because the fictitious “messengers” don’t really mesh with the message.

Second, the acting and dialogue is just cheesy.  The guy say “bad Governor” in the same tone one says to a puppy that isn’t housebroken.  The pace of the dialogue almost lulls me to sleep.  Third, […]

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Remember the Dream. Remember November. from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Wow.  Now if they could just give John Kasich something to stand for.

Apparently, the RGA also single handedly won WWII, ended communism, and brought us Teddy Roosevelt (despite not existing at the time.)

Nothing like showing a bunch of Gulf Coast state governors dependent on the federal government to respond to the oil spill to demonstrate great leadership.

This video is just as vapid as Kasich’s campaign.  All unjustified fluff, no substance.  Maybe it’ll help them raise some dough?  But it’s not going to […]

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I’m insanely busy right now, in another country, and not paying one iota of attention to Ohio politics.? But this RGA ad is that bad.

First of all, who the fuck is this chick in the ad? Do you have a brain, lady?? Does she even know where her script came from?? “I heard Strickland’s aides lied to investigators”?!?!? This is a line in a TV ad?? Political ads in Ohio are now reduced to Matt Naugle’s wet dreams put to words and music?? Complete with hot chick to make all those teabaggers teabag each other to climax?? Am […]

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