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There’s a new RGA ad, and it tries to blame Ted Strickland for every job lost in Ohio in the last four years, beginning with NCR in Dayton.  I’ll give the RGA credit for putting its finger on the existential issue of this campaign.  That issue is the utter failure of Republican economic dogma over the last 30 years.

The economy we live with in Ohio is not a result of whoever has been governor the last four years.  It is the full flowering of every economic philosophy ever advocated by every single Republican in American politics […]

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I have a rule I follow when I hear a Republican utter anything.? Simply assume the opposite to be true, and you’re in business.? After decades of descending into a fantastical miasma of fictional myth, the presumption must always be that a Republican utterance is in direct opposition to all fact.

For example, let’s take the Republican claim that they support Israel – no wait – the claim that Republicans support Israel MORE THAN ANYBODY.? Make the assumption that this is false, and you immediately leave the fantasy land of Republicanism, well on your way to the world the rest […]

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Thank you Jim Bunning.

Thank you for being the Senator who every Senator knows is two bricks shy of a load, off your rocker to the point that your majority leader forced you out of the Senate this term.? Thank you for getting your colleague’s support, to the point that Jon Kyl claims unemployed benefits make people lazy, to the point of standing behind your filibuster for days, despite knowing how bat shit cray you are, all to prove their ideology on the backs of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Those hundreds of thousands of Americans will now spend weeks […]

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Somtimes the slavish devotion to ideology of the mouth breathing core of Republicanism can reach sublime levels of perfection.? In this world, you will find Tom Blumer.

In Blumer’s fevered twitching soulless mind, where somehow Toyota is related to ACORN (?!?!?!), it makes perfect sense to defend Toyota, whose cars have killed drivers all over the country, and whose response to their cars killing people was to stonewall, obfuscate, and refuse to recall their product until a reporter, Brian Ross of ABC News, started making noise.

In the real world, this is how journalism and government is supposed to work […]

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Republicans are as predictable as the movement of the solar system.? At the moment, this is manifesting itself in their continued pursuit of the margins of political thought in pursuit of power.? After a moment of reflection in 2009, in 2010 they are all in.

For perhaps two decades now, the GOP has been captive to a hard right core of activists whom official Republicanism uses like whores to win marginal elections, then ignores utterly.? In that period, that core has been the God, guns, and gays neanderthal knuckle dragging rejectionist wing of anti-abortion sexual obsessives.? And yet, abortion remains […]

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It’s irrational to find the underside of a toe nail sexually arousing, and yet, for those so aroused, it’s addictive.? It’s called a fetish.

If you understand that your fetish is just that, great.? Go suck the underside of a toe nail, see if I care.? If you think your fetishes are somehow rational, you are misguided.? If you think your fetishes amount to a political philosophy, you’re a god damned idiot….and a conservative Republican teabagger.

Let’s start with historical re-enactment, the first, most obvious fetish of conservative Republicanism.? We’ve all seen the magazines, maybe in the library or at […]

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I’m a former campaign hack, so despite my aspiration to think long term, I’m always thinking about the next election.? Pinning the blame on George W. Bush and through him Republicans for the economic nightmare we currently are fighting, and pinning that blame on Republican ideology once and for all, happens to merge those two approaches.? Democrats need to get better at it; fast for 2010, permanently for our country.

Short term, of course, this matters for the 2010 mid terms.? We ain’t turning a corner anytime soon, and voters will still be looking to lay blame.? Ted Strickland needs […]

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Update: You ask. We answer. For those wondering if Republicans are fucked up, thanks for searching and stopping by. Your answer is below.

Hanging around the Palin idiots as much as Eric and I did yesterday really gets you down.? It’s hard to believe there are this many people in America this ignorant, and so proud to be so.? Exhibit A is their utterly predictable reaction when someone tells them, straight up, “You voted for George W. Bush twice, you fucked up our country, you can’t have it back.”

There are no two single acts in the average American’s […]

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The PalinPalooza continues, indeed accelerates.? For a woman who incessantly mocked the “celebrity” of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin is making Barack look like an amateur.? The Republican Party, and all their organs of manipulation, play right along.

They’re all in.? Good.? Because nothing is more certain in today’s media environment than the cycle of build up, destroy.? The higher they rise, the harder they fall. The very same people today blowing smoke up Palin’s spandex clad sphincter will tomorrow shove a red hot poker up it.? That’s bankable.

But with Palin, the inevitable crash will be far worse than it […]

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Mrs. Bitch, I believe I love you.

Amazing. Dickless Cheney is giving advice on proper Presidential etiquette. On the world stage,?Cheney is the equivalent of Muammar Gaddafi?when it comes to?diplomacy. Oh yeah, he’s the first person I’d run to for pointers if I wanted to really make a good impression on a dignitary from another country. Uh-huh.

Shut the fuck up, Dick. You’re last year’s news, beyond the mind-boggling, unprecedented mess you and The Supreme Idiot left behind….Seriously, if you people don’t have anything better than this tripe you’re glomming on to to take umbrage with, take a […]

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Pho has been blogging on and off lately, which is good.? I’d like to see more voices out of Akron.? Pho comes late to the Carville-Begala Tea Party party.

The first finding they emphasize is that the participants persuaded them that race is not the basis for their nearly universal loathing of Obama. You can question this study based on the bias of the investigators, but this is a hard conclusion to dispute. After all, the easy and advantageous (for Dems) conclusion would be that anti-Obama conservatives are just a bunch of unreconstructed bigots. That they find the opposite […]

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