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The War on Women: Ohio Edition

On February 26, 2012 By

It’s been a crazy month if you’re a woman in America.

In January, our presidential candidates were talking about moon colonies and how they liked to fire people. In Ohio, all the talk was about earthquakes caused by injecting toxic fracking waste deep underground.

Then something strange happened. Susan G. Komen announced it was defunding Planned Parenthood, launching a national debate about contraception and women’s health (and ending in a PR disaster for Komen).

Next, religious-affiliated employers complained about an Obama administration rule (implementing a provision of health care reform) requiring employee health plans to cover contraception.

By the end […]

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From the Columbus Dispatch:

“I can’t say that I sit down and say, ‘OK, let me have a prayer here on whether we should raise taxes or not.’ I don’t pray for that.

“I have in the past prayed for a new baseball glove.”

John Kasich denies he’s asked God for sound policy decisions, but only because he apparently thinks the Creator of the Universe is Santa Claus.

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Following up on a story discussed on Plunderbund back in December, The Supreme Court yesterday ruled 5-4 to allow the Christian cross to remain on land that was given to the VFW by Congress when it was ruled that the cross could not remain on public land. It is now a tiny island of private land within a sea of public property.

An obvious attempt by Congress and the court to thrust religion upon those unwilling to accept it. From this point forward I want to hear precisely fuck all about “judicial activism” from those on the […]

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Pam Geller’s Personal Jihad

On December 10, 2009 By

I don’t know about you but I remember being 17 all too well. I remember thinking I was the smartest person in the world. And I remember thinking my parents were complete idiots who didn’t understand me or any of the teenage turmoil, tension and occasional trauma I was going through.

It turns out I was wrong. No big surprise there.

Sure my parents weren’t always right. But they did their best while I was at my worst and I really regret putting them through all of that stupid drama. In the end we all got through it though. Primarily […]

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From Obama’s Inaugural Speech:

For we know that our patchwork heritage is a strength, not a weakness. We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus — and non-believers.

I’m not going to do an exhaustive search, but I believe this could be the first time “non-believer” was used in an inaugural address. This is the kind of leadership that I’ve been wanting for so very long. Someone who did not just pander to the notion that we are a “Christian Nation”, but acknowledge that we are many with many spiritual paths. It is possible to be a […]

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Great follow up to this post. Thanks to Dave Harding at for finding/posting it:

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Take a look and we’ll discuss:

First and foremost, we simply must get beyond the overt and dangerous mix of politics, governing, and religion. It’s toxic and un-American. I’m hopeful we can do that. Generic invocations of God are one thing. Talking about Jesus defeating Buddha is quite another.

Secondly, if you are going to bash other religions you might as well make a cursory attempt at being knowledgeable about them. Reverend Conrad appears to be completely ignorant about the subject matter. Hindu is not a God. It’s an adherent of the religion Hinduism. Hinduism for the most […]

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Late Night PB Theatre: Religulous

On October 12, 2008 By

This looks like a must see:

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More Jesus Sightings

On April 26, 2008 By

Jesus really is everywhere. Everywhere there is food, at least.

He’s in our Peeps. He’s in our toast.

And now- he’s showing up in our Cheetos too.

(see below for full video!)

Funny thing is- in the process of searching for a photo of the above cheesy Jesus I saw on TV- I found another one!

I can’t wait to see where he shows up next.

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Tony Perkins is pissed because someone decided to host a religious event without inviting him. Boo hoo.

CNN’s “Compassion Forum”, held this past Sunday, allowed both Democratic candidates to answer questions about their faith that, thankfully, didn’t come from Christofascist asshats like Perkins.

As a result, the forum focused on issues that real Christians should care about. Things like poverty, human rights and the worldwide AIDS crisis.

According to Perkins, these are not the issues closest to Christians’ hearts.

Instead, Tony claims that: “our priority as Christians should be as those of the Founding Fathers; protect the sanctity of […]

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The long, hard slog

On March 18, 2008 By

Eric wrote this earlier today in reaction to Obama’s speech about race.

I got the sense today that Barack Obama was tired. Tired of the hatred and fear-mongering insanity that has gripped not just Republicans, but Democrats as well. I know I get tired when I have to endure the same types of slurs I saw used against blacks in the south now retooled to attack anyone of a Middle Eastern heritage or having a name that is not familiar to the average Anglo-Saxon Caucasoid. I get tired when I see the same type of fear and ignorance […]

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