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According to the Columbus Dispatch, Congressman Kasich is set to announce his second policy initiative with State Sen. Keith Faber (R-Celina) and Rep. Jim Zehringer (R-Greenville).

Based on the guest list and Kasich’s platitudes to date, it’s not hard to figure out what Kasich’s policy proposal is.  I guess he could possibly finally give some details about his income tax plan….. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  (Sniff)  Okay, seriously…

He’s likely going to endorse, in some form, their companion regulatory reform bills (HB 230)  and (SB 3) which have already passed the House and Senate and have been […]

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TPM says the bill is largely the version that passed the Senate.

“Mr. Washington” Rob Portman (actually nickname given by Portman’s political allies in D.C.) announced in April that he opposed the Senate reform bill and, presumably would have joined the GOP caucus in their attempts to filibuster it.  Lee Fisher was a vocal supporter of the bill and has been since announcing his candidacy.

The Ohio Democratic Party’s Portman spoof site has a good rundown of Portman’s Wall Street sympathies and pro-Wall Street record.  There is a growing awareness that the Republican candidates […]

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