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Why RON is so important – Case 2

On November 1, 2005 By

State Issue 4 would stop party hacks from fixing voting districts to grab offices and will force politicians to compete for our votes, rather than just rigging districts in their own best interests.

In today’s WaPo (hat tip Hypo Speaking), Michael McDonald refutes the October 29th Rosenbaum Op-Ed, pointing out a quote taken out of context. The money quote, though is this:

No other advanced democracy permits legislators to draw districts, so the mischief we have seen with U.S. redistricting does not happen elsewhere. The Post should continue supporting redistricting reform to create a democracy that better […]

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Why RON is so important – Case 1

On November 1, 2005 By

Recently on a canvass outing for Reform Ohio Now I ran into a house with a little R beside it on my sheet. Most of the people I worked with winced when they saw that, but me – being a fan of confrontation and having enjoyed the sport of argument for years – smiled 🙂 A Republican. Great. Being a non-partisan issue (no matter what the freaked out right in the state may say), it is quite easy to talk to people of other parties and beliefs about Issues 2-5.

I have found much support for these issues among Republicans, […]

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Brainstorming Needed

On October 31, 2005 By

Happy Halloween first of all. Seems here locally we have a bunch of tricking going on as it relates to RON yard signs and theft. It is a good sign that we are on the right track with these reforms to cause the opposition to go to such extremes as trying to limit free political speech, but I’d just as well see it stop. I’ve posted on this before, but wanted to use this space to ask for suggestions on how to prevent this and/or devious ideas everyone has that might, shall we say…uh…act as a deterrent.


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Well, this article in today’s Toledo Blade gives you many.

YES on Issue 3? Here you go:

The success of Mr. Voinovich’s $8.7 million campaign, along with Republican Bob Taft’s $2.7 million bid for secretary of state, ignited a political machine that would dominate Ohio for the next 15 years – and nurture a network of donors who helped Mr. Bush win the state’s wallet and votes in 2004.

YES on Issue 4? OK:

With elections looming in 1990, Mr. Bennett focused his resources: By winning at least two of the three races for governor, auditor, and secretary […]

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Delaware Repubs Pushing Bush on RON

On October 30, 2005 By

Stumbled upon my local Repub website tonight. I found this quite comical actually:

Don’t undo the Bush Victory last year…
Vote NO on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Do they REALLY want to be pushing Bush right about now? Maybe they should have checked this first. Sounds to me as if some DO want to undo the Bush victory [laughs].

They link to a wonderful piece by Richard H. Finan in which he states (among other things):

Does anyone believe that voters are better served by faceless people on boards […]

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Doing the math on RON

On October 30, 2005 By

Tim at GrowOhio has two good posts (one two) about the math as it relates to Reform Ohio Now.

First is relative to State Issue 3 and money. The contrast is stark:

Ohio First has raised $2.2 million and has a grand total of 170 reported donors towards their effort. That’s an average contribution of $12,941 dollars to Ohio First. Reform Ohio Now’s average contribution? $545 dollars.

Second up relates to State Issue 4. A Dkos poster notes:

Number of votes for Republican congressional candidates in Ohio, 2004: 2,650,045 Number of votes for Democratic congressional candidates […]

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Here Come The Bastards Pt III

On October 30, 2005 By

Those curious enough to peek into my little audio window on the canvassing world might have heard about this, but I wanted to expand.

Apparantly, the shit has been scared out of the Corruptlicans as they are now in full on frontal assault mode as it relates to RON. I’m talking activist insurgencies. 3 prime locations here in Delaware have seen RON signs disappear repeatedly. One location where I replaced a sign today was suspicioiusly close to where a new anti-RON sign had been placed. How odd. Another location driving down Sawmill Parkway saw two RON signs that had […]

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Letter to Editor

On October 29, 2005 By

My LTE on Reform Ohio Now was published in the Delaware Gazette on Friday, October 28. Thanks to all over at Dkos who chimed in on the best wording, etc.

Scan below the fold

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RON Canvassing Moblog

On October 29, 2005 By

Listen to Eric give an update live while walking around canvassing for Reform Ohio Now in Delaware, Ohio.

MP3 File

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Latest Reform Ohio Now Ad

On October 27, 2005 By

Here is the latest Reform Ohio Now ad:

Most people I have seen blog on this agree it is one of the most effective. Put out by a group called Citizens to End Corruption – a group that smartly and hilariously registered “” (Ohio First is the group opposing RON). The ad even looks a bit like the first Ohio First spot.

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Folks, this is the final push on State Issues 2, 3, 4, and 5. The opposition has been running ads, spewing inacurrate talking points, and putting up yard signs.

The time is NOW for YOU to get involved. We need help in Delaware County. Please see this post and contact me if you can help!

Tim over at Grow Ohio has a post about new polling that is interesting. We are behind on issues 4 and 5, BUT he says:

The good news on State Issue Four specifically, is that citizens who have […]

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