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What gerrymandering gives us…

On December 3, 2006 By

Gerrymandering has turned blue-state Ohio into a strongly red state:

While Democrats won nearly 53 percent of the congressional votes statewide, only about 39 percent of Ohioans will be represented next year by Democrats in Congress.

That?s the biggest so-called “wrong winner” disparity in the country from the 2006 midterm elections, says the nonpartisan

Despite Democrats winning 10,000 more votes in Franklin County, all three of our congressional representatives (assuming the OH-15 recount matches the original count) will be Republicans. We have this same problem with state House and Senate seats. My hope is that, when the opportunity […]

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OK, want more evidence the whole Husted thing is BS? How about Tiberi being hailed as a hero for helping stop RON and saving GOP seats? Yeah? Yeah.

Roll Call has an article about it. It’s subscription based, so I’ll leave it up to you to subscribe or figure out another way to read the entire article. Here are some snippets:

Tiberi took a leading role behind the scenes in the GOP effort to defeat the measure, acting as the point person and go-between for the Congressional delegation and the state-based opposition effort.

I know […]

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[Cues Bullshit Alarm] Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted wants Dems to have a seat at the table to discuss, among other things, fairer redistricting. Folks, I’m having another one of those “Well Fuck Me” moments. According to the Plain Dealer, Husted is “extending an olive branch” in a rare “gesture of bipartisanship”. Damn near ruined my laptop just then…should had a barf bag handy.

Although Republicans universally opposed the election reform amendments, which were promoted and bankrolled by Democrats, Husted candidly acknowledges that reforms are critically needed nonetheless…Husted intends to solicit their participation in discussions on how […]

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RON Election Results

On November 8, 2005 By

Link to state election results

Link to Delaware County election results

10:21pm – Riddle me this batman. How the hell does a poll show an issue 61/25 FOR and on election night same issue is 64/36 AGAINST? I truly don’t get that…

10:03pm – OK, here’s the deal. Every single Democrat who did not come out in support of RON I want to document and actively oppose. If they are in an election, I will deliberately obfuscate anything they are doing. We couldn’t even make this close with the worst corruption we’ve seen in this state in a […]

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Some interesting sleuthing has been done by E Pluribus Media as it relates to what is behind the RON opposition group Ohio First (hat tip Tim).

Let’s play the follow me game, shall we?

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Ohio Likes Gerrymandering…

On November 6, 2005 By

…or maybe just doesn’t get it. Issue 4 (Gerrymandering tonic) looks about to go down in defeat. Issues 2 and 3 appear likely to pass, while Issue 5 (what I’ll term the FU Mr. Blackwell amendment) is very tight. It appears that the final efforts on RON will be the key in getting 5 in the books. 3 out of 4 would not be bad. It appears to be doable according to the latest polling from the Columbus Dispatch.

Pounder has a good post over at Dkos on this, with nice little graphs!

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Freakin’ Republicrats

On November 4, 2005 By

OK, enough is enough. I sat back and watched while the state party and county parties stood around with their hands in their pockets on RON. I even listened to some Dems who wanted RON defeated – the reasoning of which always seemed to boil down to the same intellectually dishonest position of “…yeah, but once we are in power, we’ll benefit from the status quo”. When exactly the Dems plan on winning an election is quite beyond me. I will agree that the door is wide open, but I can’t agree that you leave the playing field tilted in […]

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New RON Radio Spot

On November 4, 2005 By

Still pounding on the COC (Culture of Corruption), this new spot uses the Wizard of Oz "pay no attention to that man behind the curtain" analogy to drive home the point that the real special interests in this campaign are those 170 big donors that want politicians accountable to them and not the people.

Yes on 2-5.

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Why RON is so important – Case 3

On November 2, 2005 By

Ohio PIRG has a report out that demonstrates why Issue 4 is so important: “Safe Seats, Dangerous Democracy“. We have too little competition, too many uncontested races (probably due to the lack of competitiveness in districting), we continue to see weak candidates, gerrymandering has been 91% effective in getting the person on the partisan side of the skew elected, the people are not being represented effectively in the state given the disparity between votes cast and makeup of congress.

Vote Yes on 2-5.

Why RON is so important. Case 3.

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I love irony. I mean really I do. Other than sarcasm, it is my favorite tool – especially when it comes to pointing out right-wing corruption in the Buckeye State. In today’s “The People’s Defender” (irony), Jean Schmidt tells us we should “Run From RON“. I love Jean Schmidt (sarcasm).

If “How Jean Schmidt argued against Reform Ohio Now” was a jeopardy question, I would be a button pressing fool. “What is parroting right-wing talking points Alex”. Ding Ding Ding!

She finishes it off by using another common right-wing tactic: LYING!

Why replace something that is not only not […]

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Culture Club

On November 1, 2005 By

[sings] I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 ya…I?ll tumble 4 you. It’s the Culture Club – the culture of corruption! Two new RON related ads out.

First up is from the Reform Ohio Now folks themselves:

Second is from Citizens to End Corruption:

Both play on what is sure to be a relentlessly pounding talking point – The COC. Commentary below the fold

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