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Jim Cramer’s meltdown

On August 8, 2007 By


I just want to say it’s ironic that a markets guy is freaking out over a market downturn and wants a fed bailout when he’s regularly stated that layoffs are good. Oh, and that investing in sub-primes seems risky.

You can see The Daily Show’s take on sub-prime loans after the jump.

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Wingnut bloggers are always looking for something to call treason. Bi-partisan trips to Syria is one that comes to mind. You want treason? I’ll give you treason:

WASHINGTON, June 14 ? Senate Democrats, facing their first significant battle over a wide-ranging bill intended to reduce oil consumption, found themselves blocked by Republicans on Thursday and postponed all significant votes until next week.

Filibuster this. Filibuster that. It’s almost like they are pissed the American people spoke and gave the Congress a mandate to move away from disastrous Republican policy.


We’re entrenched in a war in a […]

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I’ve struggled a long time to write a good capsule to introduce this bit, but I can’t. Joss Whedon is about a billion times the writer I am. This is a tremendous rant, and I encourage you to read it. I was unable to edit it down to something concise; unable to provide the jist of the piece by selectively quoting. Here’s a teaser. Go read the rest.

Last month seventeen year old Dua Khalil was pulled into a crowd of young men, some of them (the instigators) family, who then kicked and stoned her […]

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So everyone and their brother is commenting on the revelation that our beloved Phil De Vellis – I say beloved because for much of his time in Ohio he was pretty much hated among bloggers – is the supposed guy behind the Obama “Vote Different” ad. Jerid says “Wasn’t him“. The Politico weighs in after having phoned around Ohio a bit. Many are talking about it – won’t be hard to find! People will probably be talking about this one for a while – none of which will be very helpful.

Here’s the deal. Phil probably could have […]

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Update: Jill clarifies her BI post here. No dark side for her.

Let’s cut to the point and get something straight here right out of the gate. The Buckeye Institute is not our friend – if you don’t consider yourself a conservative. Put a nice little period after that one and you can go about your day unless you want to hear me pound Jill Zimon for the next couple minutes.

Jill posted a nice little note on her blog making us all aware that The Buckeye Institute has a new blog designed to alert us […]

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Some young women were studying in a dorm at Ohio State and had the gall to ask some young men to observe the quiet hours regulations. It was 2:30 in the morning on Monday. After a verbal confrontation (which included racial slurs) resulted in the men, who were not residents of the dorm, being ejected from the building, it appears that the incident wasn’t over yet

According to Sparks, at about 4:45 a.m., 15 to 20 Post-It notes were discovered on the girl’s door. The messages read: “Nazis,” “Cotton gin n—–s,” “N—–s are farm equipment,” “Mexicans are better than […]

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I’ll come right out and say it. We are one of the highest per-capita energy consumers on the planet, and we are completely oblivious to what is going on in the world.

In North America which is the world?s largest producer of carbon dioxide emissions, 84% say they are aware of global warming, but less than half of them (43%) consider it?s a very serious problem. More worrying, 13% of North Americans said they had never heard or read anything about global warming and one in ten consumers said it was ?not a serious problem at all.?

Our ignorance […]

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I am far too cynical for my own good. Embarrassingly so. I mean, someone you haven’t talked to in years calls you up out of the blue to catch up, and you assume there is an ulterior motive because said person is newly elected to government and you work at a government agency? And when you return the call, they really just wanted to catch up?

I’m a terrible, terrible person. If there was a hell, I would surely burn in it.

Post title courtesy H. L. Mencken.

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Screw the Kerry bullshit…

On November 1, 2006 By

It almost worked on me – the GOP is busy distracting the nation and the media with a bunch of bullshit that doesn’t really matter, while yesterday the CiC abandoned a US serviceman to Shiite militia.

BAGHDAD, Oct. 31 ? Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki demanded the removal of American checkpoints from the streets of Baghdad on Tuesday, in what appeared to be his latest and boldest gambit in an increasingly tense struggle for more independence from his American protectors.

The 172nd Stryker Brigade took down a checkpoint in the Karada neighborhood of Baghdad yesterday in response to the […]

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I hate politics, part deux

On October 27, 2006 By

As tons and tons of great news pours in for liberal and progressive voters in Ohio, I find myself more and more disgusted with politics.

First, Strickland continues to pull away from the divisive Ken Blackwell, and the result we get is some really sleazy mudslinging from not just “conservative” bloggers, but from Blackwell’s campaign and the Ohio GOP.

Now, as we get news that Brown has opened a 20 point lead over DeWine, and that Fox is coming to support Brown, we get this tripe from RABid:

Mike Fox’s attack ad plays on the hopes and […]

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