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There’s a PD story today on just how primordially primitive Jon Husted’s Pavlovian teabagging of the Tea Party has been on its face, and how “angry” this all has made our good friends in the Tea Party (whatever the fuck that is).

Chris Littleton, president of the Ohio Liberty Council, said Husted’s overtures to the Tea Party are all propaganda that would make him laugh if he weren?t so angry. He said Husted declined to attend many candidate forums put on by Tea Party groups and similar organizations.

The reporter, Joe Guillen, even goes on to quote head Cleveland […]

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Ralph King is a teabagger from central casting. ?A Republican Party insider wannabe, King has run for various Republican Party positions internally. ?Turns out the insiders realized he was a repulsive racist nutjob, so now, Ralph King runs all things Tea Party in Cleveland.

Ralph King started and manages the Cleveland Tea Party website. ?He’s been at every teabagger event in NEO since February, 2009. ?King appears in this video I shot of teabaggers at a Marcia Fudge health care event, running the show. ?If the Tea Party became an actual political party, Ralph King would be it’s […]

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Getting lectured by Ralph King on class is akin to getting lectured on civil rights by David Duke. It’s funny – I don’t care who you are. Wittle Walphie’s ears were hurt because big bad Eric used some awful naughty words in one of his wecent posts.

Let’s remember that Ralph resides at the bottom of the wingnut barrel of racist, homophobic, misogynistic ranting lunatics. Here are just a few recent examples of his high brow classy commentary:

King on May 24th, 2008 4:54 pm
Metro-sexual is another term for being half-a-fag.
Real men will vote […]

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