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I’m now convinced that drum and bagpipe corps should be required for any rally.  Just awesome:

(Shot on my phone and YouTube only took the 240p version – boo) – must have still been crunching. you can see it in 720p HD glory if you’d like!

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We’ve probably all seen the video of the teabagger heckling the Parkinsons guy.? It was disturbing to say the least.? Now we know who the heckler of the Parkinsons guy was.? Chris Reichert.? We know he is a registered Republican (big surprise there).? Some folks in back channels want us to know more about Chris Reichert in an effort to further embarrass him.

We’re missing an opportunity here and we should step back from the partisan funfest long enough to seize it.

Chris Reichert apologized.

He not only apologized, but he said every single thing that […]

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American Flag as Metaphor

On October 21, 2008 By

The McCain campaign is un-American. They drag the American flag on the ground after a rally. Not just any American flag, but a ginormous American flag. Their treatment of this flag is despicable and violates rules of handling for our beloved red, white, and blue. Simply horrifying is the following video:

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Barack in St. Louis: “Wow”

On October 20, 2008 By

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Rallies? We Got Rallies!

On October 20, 2008 By

So I know my buddy Nixguy likes rally headcounts. Loves them in fact. He gets all excited when Palin crests 20k or some such. I thought I’d give he and other wingnuts an update on some recent Obama rallies. Call this one of those Mike DeWine circa 2006 “in case you missed it” updates:

St. Louis – 100,000 (U.S. record…in a “red” state)
Kansas City – 75,000
Ft. Lauderdale FLORIDA – 50,000


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Somebody didn’t get the memo:

1:25 p.m.

Chris Hackett addressed the increasingly feisty crowd as they await the arrival of Gov. Palin.

Each time the Republican candidate for the seat in the 10th Congressional District mentioned Barack Obama the crowd booed loudly.

One man screamed “kill him!”

I hope the man was detained and questioned and is fully investigated. Shouting “kill him” is a threat. I think the fear and hate the McCain camp has unleashed is not going to go away quietly. It certainly appears to be continuing despite the campaigns attempts to try to walk it back.

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Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted captured the breathtaking ignorance that presides over most McCain/Palin rallies. The base is in rare hate-filled form. Tim captures it like no other blogger in Ohio does. He’s simply the best there is at this. There really is no wonder the crowds have turned into near lynch mobs. Between the rhetoric of the two candidates and the ignorance of the crowds, it would only take the slightest match to set off this powder keg of racial intolerance and religious fear mongering.


Update: x-posted this over at Kos. Go recommend it […]

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This kinda slipped under the radar this weekend, but Obama had an estimated 75,000 folks show up at a rally on Sunday in Oregon. Wow.

[Eric: I wanted to jump on here instead of make another post. This is the video from that rally. Simply amazing thing to see. Hopefully a harbinger.]

and another version including Obama’s “wow” comment:

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