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Well, well, well. After Modern notices how Kyle Sisk decides to smear an innocent man by using the man’s picture purely because the innocent man is black, Sisk removes the picture, and edits the line that puts him on the hook for defamation.

Granting clemency to murderers never sits well with the electorate.

Is now…

Granting clemency to alleged murderers, unsubstantiated murderers or whatever never sits well with the electorate.

“Or whatever”?? So clever.

Quit trying to create controversy where it does not exist.? Nice try though. NOTE: I may be an ass, but I’m not a racist thank […]

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Just in time to prove Tim right, we have Rose at Tom Blumer’s Bizzyblog:

The hood goes to the fort? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this serious?

Pho, I think the racism may be driving them to the crazy my friend.

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One of the great thing about being more engaged in the blogosphere again is finding good stuff others are doing. Back in the day that was probably the most fun for me. OK, a close second to banging on wingnuts. Hehe.

Pho is great when he’s on and his latest is really good stuff:

Some weeks ago I argued that the vituperative criticism of Obama from the right was not, as some suggested, driven by racism but was the result of the right wing being nuts. Not nuts in the sense that they disagree with me, but nuts […]

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The Hill reports that Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele was on a radio show and asked about the GOP could reach out to African-American voters.? And here’s what transpired:

MARTIN: But your candidates got to talk to them. One of the criticisms I’ve always had is Republicans — white Republicans — have been scared of black folks.
STEELE: You’re absolutely right. I mean I’ve been in the room and they’ve been scared of me. I’m like, “I’m on your side” and so I can imagine going out there and talking to someone like you, you […]

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PFAW’s Right Wing Watch does just that, which is why they caught American Family Association’s latest descent into lunacy in response to the Fort Hood tragedy. Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issues Analysis, begins his screed:

It became evidently almost immediately that the mass murderer in yesterday’s killing spree at Fort Hood was a Muslim who was motivated by jihadist impulses.

It became evidently almost immediately? He’s obviously not the direct of communications or Engrish at the AFA. Sorry. Distracted by the ignorance that we all sort of knew was already there. Let’s continue:

It it is time, I […]

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WTF is Wrong with Georgia?

On October 11, 2009 By

Georgia has issue, man. Serious issues. This story is just an example:

Patrick Lanzo likes to generate negative attention, by openly displaying his ugly racism and hate in the most vile and public ways possible. The owner of a roadside bar in a small Georgia town, Lanzo recently erected a giant sign in front of his Ku Klux Klan themed speakeasy, with the message: ?Obama?s plan for health-care: Ni**er rig it.?

I don’t take to using the little ** to soften the hate. Pat’s sign says Nigger rig it. It even got him on CNN, where he lies about being […]

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Wow. The hits just keep on coming for the embattled homophobic Democratic candidate for Secretary of State Jennifer Garrison. Anthony has another shocking blow to camp Garrison. Not only does she appear unwilling to stand up for the civil rights of the gay community, but she also may be a closet racist?

Again, according to a very credible source, Garrsion took a step and a half back, looked Chandra up and down, and said “no one where I come from would ever vote for someone who looks like you.” Garrison then turned and walked away, leaving Chandra stunned.


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Tea Party Racism? Nah…

On April 15, 2009 By

Racism at tea parties? Of course not!

This one out of Denver. (ht Alan Franklin of ProgressNow)

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RACIST JOKES: ?Nearly one in six Tennesseans has told a joke about Barack Obama?s race, and three-fourths say they?ve heard or read at least one, even though only 15 percent of Tennesseans say they would find such a joke funny.?

I’d put this at 4 in 6 and take the over.

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A Dream

On January 19, 2009 By

Going to make lunch and watch the entire MLK speech with the girls at noon. Absolute must watch. Reminds us of the struggle and our ability to overcome. Tomorrow will be the realization of one part of the dream, but we must remain ever vigilant in our quest for a more perfect union.

A Dream:

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I hate the gooks, said John McCain, I will hate them as long as I live. Senator McCain said these words when asked about his continued use of the racial slur, “gook.”.

John McCain has told us who he is.

John McCain supported the rescinding of Martin Luther King Day.

John McCain keeps on his payroll white supremacists, race-baiting swiftboaters and lobbyists for dictators and terrorists.

John McCain endorsed George Wallace, Jr., a favorite speaker among white supremacists.

He fought to keep the Confederate battle flag flying over South Carolina.

He seems to subscribe to a brand of religion-inspired […]

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