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Here’s Governor Kasich during his State of State Address:

Republicans and Democrats have long favored sentencing reform. Oh, we didn’t get to this because we were afraid also. Forty-seven percent of our inmates sit in our state prisons for less than a year and they sometimes sit next to hardened criminals. It raises the recidivism rate, costs taxpayers a fortune. Again, to everyone who’s here, 47 percent of people are in that prison for less than a year and we’re sticking them in there next to somebody who’s been a hardened criminal, a murderer, or God knows what else. […]

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Last week, John Kasich expressed regret at his seemingly flippiant attitude towards diversity at the very beginning of his term. He even said that he thinks his Administration should strive harder than Governor Strickland’s to get the State to meet its 1980s mandate of setting aside 15% of all government contracts to minority-owned businesses.

We should support the Governor on this, because we doubt many in his party will. But that support also means we hold him accountable for his budget, which cuts funding for the offices charged with enforcing Ohio’s minority-owned business set asides by over half.

Also, Governor Kasich is making the right call on sentencing reform. If you support gun control, then you probably should support Kasich’s killing, for now at least, of the restaurant CCW bill, too.

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Well, that went well.

Krikorian held his press conference where he had three LETTERS from members of the VFW who said they didn’t hear Krikorian mock Surya Yamachili’s name in a racially insensitive matter.

“With a name like mine, I’m not about to belittle anyone’s name,” said Krikorian, of Madeira. “I try to pronounce everyone’s name with the respect they deserve.”

He accused Democratic Party leaders of using false allegations to try to bring about his defeat in the primary. Besides Yalamanchili, of the East End, he also faces Jim Parker of Waverly in the primary.

Publically […]

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The Dayton Daily News is going to have to change his name to the Sonny Thomas Daily News.  Today, the family of DDN papers is reporting that Sonny Thomas is a wanted man.  Apparently, he allegedly violated a protection order taken out by the mother of his son by showing up to her house unexpected.

In other news, a reader forwarded us a post on his MySpace page from when Ted Kennedy died that makes clear he’s not just a big Bee Gees fan, but should be in the Klan (and I don’t mean Wu Tang.)


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(HT: Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle)

Today, Dayton Daily News points out that the guy who wrote this:

Also, happens to be the father of a half-Latino son.

Turner said the comments upset her because she and Thomas have a 6-year-old son who is part Hispanic.

?Basically, it?s like he?s saying he hates his son,? Turner said.

Just when you didn’t think what Sonny Thomas said couldn’t get any worse.

A separate article in today’s DDN covers that the Springboro Tea Party leader just recently got visitation rights […]

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After the Dayton Daily News announced that two more scheduled speakers have announced that they will not attend the Springboro Tea Party rally over the racist Internet rants of its founder, Sonny Thomas has posted an incredible defense over this racist tweet:

According to Mr. Thomas statement released on the Springboro Tea Party’s website, you can blame the Bee Gees and Steve Jobs…

“As I am a lifetime music lover of all genres, I always have some sort of song that can fit almost any occasion or situation. Coincidently the song ?Spicks and Specks? […]

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Pt. I😕 You’d think there’d be drugs involve in a drug raid… Pt. II: Trooper lied; the Dispatch denies

One of the supporting characters in the trumped up farce being called “Troopergate” is former Highway Patrol Superintendent/Col. Richard Collins.? Collins is part of the retired Superintendent’s forming “Trooper to Trooper” who are alleging that that Ohio Department of Public Safety is wrongfully trying to assert influence over Patrol matters.? He is an advocate that the Patrol be able to act independently of the Ohio Department of Public Safety even though it legally is not […]

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The Chris Reichert situation got me thinking.? When I wrote this in March, 2008, I expected I’d be linking to it repeatedly over time, because not one thing has changed since the email smear campaign against Barack Obama, created and prosecuted by Republicans, for Republicans’ benefit, laying the foundation for today’s tinder box.

The unrelenting hatred that is now being spewed on conservative talk radio and on the internet is not now being aimed at Hispanics, it is being aimed at the most deep seeded racial divide in our country’s history, and is inevitably going to give the lowest […]

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Racism? What Racism?!

On March 21, 2010 By

Maybe Alo Konsen is right. I’m quite certain there were no racist or homophobic remarks hurled at Waxman, Frank, or Lewis. I’m having a hard time finding a single piece of evidence of racial undercurrents at any teabagger rally anywhere.

There is just no precedent for such behavior at teabagging rallies!

Oh, did I mention the “faggot” remark was actually caught on tape? I’m sure Alo will argue that they bleeped out the word “friend”.

LOL. How’s life in Delusionville Alo? I’ll see your […]

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Talking Points Memo has the exclusive which not a single Ohio progressive blog apparently got.  Click on the link to hear the audio:

According to audio recorded by someone at the dinner and obtained by TPMDC, the joke concludes with: “Lincoln was a skinny lawyer. Obama is a skinny lawyer. Lincoln was a Republican. Obama is a skinny lawyer. Lincoln was highly respected. Obama is a skinny lawyer. Lincoln was born in the United States. Obama is a skinny lawyer.”

That was followed up with a more subtle crack from State Rep. James Zehringer, who said […]

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This is the editorial cartoon accompanying this week’s article in Cleveland’s Call & Post attacking State Senator Nina Turner for her support of county reform Issue 6 instead of the “Old Guard” African-American leadership/union back Issue 5.? Amazingly, the article states:

Lastly, Nina Turner should stop telling the lie that Black leaders have threatened her. When asked by this newspaper who issued such threats, she refused to answer.

Senator Turner didn’t need to answer.? Your column is graphed with a depiction of an accomplished, intelligent, political leader as an ignorant, ebonic speakin’, house slave.? It’s pretty obvious […]

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