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The Associated Press on Friday confirmed our exclusive story early last week that the U.S. Department of Education has denied that Secretary Arne Duncan ever told Kasich that Kasich’s planned abandonment of Governor Strickland’s evidence-based school funding model wouldn’t jeopardize Ohio’s awarding of “Race to the Top” federal funding.  It turns out that the U.S. Department of Education has, for weeks now, made it plain that they made no such representation to Kasich for as long as Kasich has been claiming otherwise.

Federal officials say they can’t assure Ohio that its $400 million federal […]

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A week ago, Ohio’s newspapers breathlessly reported that U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan had told Governor-elect John Kasich that Ohio was in no danger of losing its “Race to the Top” money if Ohio abandoned Governor Strickland’s “evidence-based” school funding model.

Of course, the only source for this revelation was… Governor-elect Kasich.

Kasich said Tuesday that he’s talked with U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan about the issue. He says Duncan assured him that Ohio will get the money as long as its education plan includes accountability for student performance.

We could find no story in which […]

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Remember that you read it here first.

This morning, the Columbus Dispatch reported that a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education has confirmed that Kasich’s plan to scrap Governor Strickland’s evidence-based model of school funding and school reforms very likely will jeopardize the State’s ability to keep the $400 million in federal “Race to the Top” education funding.

Justin Hamilton, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Education, said yesterday that Ohio could lose the money which it won in competition with other states if it fails to follow the proposal it offered.

"States won Race to […]

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Conservatives who ordinarily would deride a program like “Race to the Top” have been working overtime suggesting some political conspiracy must have been responsible for the great first-year Gov. Christie from losing out in getting funding to Governor Ted Strickland because it’s impossible to believe that Christie could have possibly screwed up so royally (so long as you ignore the evidence to the contrary.)

Except that overwhelming evidence shows that it was Governor Christie’s fault for his State in losing out $400 million in federal school funding.  I mean, literally, Governor Christie, personally, was at […]

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As I noted earlier Ohio was one of a handful of States that has been awarded the second round of the U.S. Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” school reform funding program.

Here’s a breakdown as to what the participating public and charter schools can expect to receive over the next four years (Excel format) as Ohio receives this $400 million grant.

From Governor Strickland’s press release:

“I want to thank Secretary Duncan and the Obama administration for this opportunity to implement what I believe is a visionary education plan for Ohio’s children. Our students […]

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