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Some things never change. I promised earlier in a comment to share the funniest thing I saw all week. I noticed our buddy Matt Naugle mentioned an old friend of PB Jesse Taylor of Pandagon so I let Jesse in on it.

Hilarity ensued.

A Twitter flame war broke out and Matt came to a battle of wits completely unarmed. I laughed. I cried. I kept hitting F5. Here is the beginning (read it bottom up):

…and Jesse was just getting warmed up. This reply tweet is now abandoned because Matt got so pwned that […]

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Hilarity. Simply pure unadulterated hilarity. Andrew Sullivan on Tom Blumer:

John Cole finds the single dumbest political opinion piece on the internet.

Our own Bizzy! LOL. We’ve known all this for years now. Not precisely how you wanna be famous, I’d guess. 😉

(ht Tim @bloggerinterrupted)

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This is classic. Hannity gets his assed handed to him after going apeshit about John Edwards’ affair. The question was always hanging out there like the 500 pound elephant in the room. John Edwards is not the nominee for either party. John McCain is. John McCain cheated on his wife and left her for rich arm candy while she suffered with injuries sustained in a car accident. So what about John McCain’s family values? Hmmm???

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