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You may have read that the Governor signed a new “tourism bill” yesterday. Indeed, Senate Bill 314 includes funds for the state’s office of tourism, which had otherwise been zeroed out in Kasich’s two year budget last June. So, yes, with the passage of SB314, Kasich found a way not to kill the tourism office after all.

But SB314 was anything but a tourism bill. Just 6 of the bill’s 150 pages deal with the new TourismOhio program and its experimental five-year funding plan.

Of course, thanks to holding the bill signing at the Rock and Roll […]

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Balancing it with “no time” money.

Like prison privatization proceeds that was supposed to be nearly $200 million?  Or State revenues from growth in the economy that has already not  performed as projected?  For the last two months, Kasich has been touring the national political circuit telling anyone who’d book him that he solved Ohio’s “unprecedented” budget crisis.   Apparently, Kasich forgot that a budget is a plan, and not necessarily the reality.  Before you declare your budget is balanced, perhaps you should wait a month into it first.  Had Kasich done that, Kasich would have realized  Full Story...

State Representative Jim Butler was appointed earlier this year to the Ohio House to replace State Senator Peggy Lehrer, who was appointed to replace State Senator Jon Husted, who still had two years left in his term when he was elected Secretary of State.

Jim Butler also just happens to be someone I got to know in law school really well, so forgive me if I appear to pull my punches.  But this is hard to pass up. 

From the Dayton Daily News:

State Rep. Jim Butler, R-Oakwood, said his plan would create secure facilities […]

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Any time Governor Kasich talks about privatizing the Turnpike, he talks about how easy it’ll be for the State of Ohio to get a couple of billion dollars for it:

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take another country in Ohio called the turnpike, if I could privatize it and generate as much as $2.5 billion, potentially?—Gov. John Kasich [Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, (02/10/11)]

After all, Kasich and his pro-privatization allies argue, Indiana was able to get $3.8 billion for leasing its Turnpike.  Even with the credit markets as they are, we […]

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So today, our Budget Watch wrote about a small provision buried in Kasich’s budget that would seem to give the Office of Budget and Management practically unlimited authority to privatize any State service the Administration desires subject only to Controlling Board approval.

After the jump, we’ve got the four relevant pages from the non-partisan Legislative Service Commission’s analysis of this provision.  The bill only limits the Administration to contracts “no longer than 75 years in duration,” because apparently 72 years after he is no longer Governor struck even Kasich as too ridiculous of a time period to bind […]

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Over at Ohio Budget Watch, we have a blockbuster post up this morning exposing a hidden provision in the Kasich administration’s budget language that rips authority from the general assembly and hands it to the executive branch. This proposal allows an unelected Kasich appointee to personally decide whether to outsource any state service without legislative authority, without competitive bidding, without guidelines or statutory expectations for how that service is to be performed, all while exempting the chosen firm (which may be a major campaign contributor) from all state and local taxes.

These are the six pages the administration hopes […]

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Seriously, someone explain this quote to me.  I have no idea what our Governor is saying.  (Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer)

"Wouldn’t it be fantastic if I could take another country in Ohio called the turnpike, if I could privatize it and generate as much as $2.5 billion, potentially? We’ll see," Kasich said. "If we can’t get it, we probably won’t do it."

Yep, not content with pushing something this unpopular:

Kasich is already making the public push for something even less popular:

Seriously, is he trying to get an approval rating lower than […]

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John Kasich is using the budget as an excuse to push through every radical, ideologically extreme idea he’s ever had.  Today, the Governor spoke at the Greater Cleveland Partnership and said, according to the Crain’s Cleveland Business Journal:

Because funds are tight, he said he might find money for incentives to new businesses by privatizing state assets; he used the Ohio Turnpike as, he emphasized, a hypothetical example. He said he could lease the Ohio Turnpike for $3 billion and use most of that money, after repaying $600 million in outstanding turnpike debt, to attract business to Ohio. […]

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Governor Kasich has made it perfectly clear that he will not raise taxes to deal with the State’s projected budget deficit created now that there is no more stimulus money to aid the States during the recession.

But yesterday in the Dispatch, Gov. Kasich made another claim:

But Kasich has said that shouldn’t mean simply slashing spending, especially for services for the state’s neediest residents. Passing a budget will entail restructuring and telling special-interest groups "no," Kasich told legislators.

Guys, there’s only one way to balance a budget with a projected $8 billion deficit without raising taxes and […]

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Today’s Toledo Blade editorial raised an interesting question about Mary Taylor’s audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission: if it’s doing so well, as her performance audit found, then why should it adopt the strategies of States whose privatized lottery commissions are not run as well as Ohio’s?

State Auditor Mary Taylor’s decision to conduct a performance audit of the Ohio Lottery Commission made some people scratch their heads. Her findings, released this week, may have them tearing out their hair.

[A]lmost everything the audit had to say about the lottery was positive. Yet Ms. Taylor still managed […]

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Governor Ted Strickland and the Ohio Department of Development announced that the Department is now accepting applications for the newly created Ohio New Markets Tax Credit Program:

The New Markets Tax Credit is a critical part of our plan to create Ohio jobs in communities that have traditionally been in need of business investments,” Strickland said. “When we make it easier to make business investments in Ohio, businesses find it easier to create jobs for hard-working Ohioans.”

The program idea was first introduced by the Speaker of the House Armond Budish.

“We are one of the first states […]

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