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Let’s review.  There were several major campaign themes the Romney campaign was relying on using as a resume to put in front of the American people in his bid to become President of the United States.  The first was his business experience.  Romney was supposed to understand the economy and how to get out of the worst recession since the Great Depression.  The second was his experience as Governor of Massachusetts.  Another seemingly well-timed resume item given the London Olympics was his stint as President & CEO of the Organizing Committee for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.


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Last night we gathered with other members of the LGBT community to celebrate President Obama’s historic statement. Now we are proud to say that not only is he our first African-American president, he’s also the first American president to come out in support of marriage equality. Here’s a video of our community’s thoughtful, emotional, playful and silly responses to this joyous occasion for America…

At the event, I also had the honor to also speak with Stephen Hill, the gay soldier who was booed at a Republican debate.    President Obama’s leadership on the repeal of […]

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As most of you know by now if you’ve been following my blogging, I’m a bisexual who is engaged to be married to a woman. We’ve been together for six years and my partner proposed to me at a Center for Progressive Leadership event at the Riffe Center in September of 2010. We agreed to wait to get married until it was legal, because we don’t want a merely symbolic wedding that isn’t recognized by our government as valid. We are waiting for society to grant us our Constitutionally protected right to full equality under the law. Because of […]

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They’re baaack!  As we finish up the GOP nomination circus and begin to head into general election talk, we’ll begin to focus more on the re-election of Barack Obama here on PB.  One thing we know for sure about this period of the election is that the familiar smears will be back in force against President Obama.  Many of you will remember the run up to the historic election in 2008 and the many ugly email chains that were a big part of the desperate attempt to prevent Barack Obama from becoming President.

The campaign launched a valiant effort and […]

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He’s been in Ohio almost as much as Bush cleared brush in Crawford.

Much of the national media mentioned that Obama mentioned Ohioan House Minority Leader John Boehner, by name, eight times.  There’s a reason why.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) recently found that not even voters in Ohio want to see John Boehner become the Speaker of the House.

Only 28% of voters in the state want Boehner to become Speaker of the House if Republicans get the majority this fall while 44% explicitly say they want someone else and 28% are unsure. Republicans do by […]

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Wow…. that ad is more effective that I realized!

Yesterday, I wrote:

Despite an attempt by Chabot’s campaign and outside Republican groups to tout some, well, laughable poll numbers, the race is still considered a tossup, even as forecasters like Charlie Cook have gotten more bullish on the GOP’s chances of retaking the House.

Almost immediately after writing that post, we started to see conservatives (who denying reading us like they’ve never seen a Playboy, but for some unknown reason felt compelled to say something about the race immediately after my post) tweeting about how the “most […]

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As I noted earlier Ohio was one of a handful of States that has been awarded the second round of the U.S. Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” school reform funding program.

Here’s a breakdown as to what the participating public and charter schools can expect to receive over the next four years (Excel format) as Ohio receives this $400 million grant.

From Governor Strickland’s press release:

“I want to thank Secretary Duncan and the Obama administration for this opportunity to implement what I believe is a visionary education plan for Ohio’s children. Our students […]

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The Columbus Dispatch is reporting in an exclusive story that Ohio is, in fact, going to be one of the few States awarded the U.S. Department of Education’s “Race to the Top” funding for education in its second round of awards.

Ohio was one of the few finalists for the first round of funding, but it lost out to Delaware and Tennessee.

The U.S. Department of Education will officially announce Ohio as being picked for the “Race to the Top” program at noon where it will announce how much of the $400 million Ohio requested it […]

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Do you remember back in school when a kid would get in trouble? What’s the first thing the would do?

Yes. Point at some other kid and say something along the lines of “Well, Bobby did it too!”

Classic juvenile deflection.

Not surprising to see the wingnut radicals on talk radio and Internet media outlets doing the same thing with the recent gulf coast oil spill disaster. “Obama’s Katrina!,” they yell. “What’s taking the administration so long to respond?” they query.

It’s enlightening, really. Ignoring the obvious irony of conservatives calling for a faster government response to […]

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Russia arms deal anyone?

On March 26, 2010 By

When you stop to think about it, it’s breathtaking really what this new President is accomplishing. One day the biggest reform of healthcare in our lifetimes, the next day? Oh, just a nuclear arms treaty with Russia scaling back large stockpiles of nuclear weapons still left over from The Cold War.


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Signed.? Sealed.? Delivered.

…and yes.? It IS a big fucking deal.

More than a year’s worth of intense political haggling, legislative maneuvering and emotional debate reached its stirring conclusion Tuesday morning as President Barack Obama officially signed health care reform legislation into law…

…For many in Obama’s inner circle, health care reform began to eerily resemble a legislative version of the Democratic primary, with emotional ebbs and flows, dramatic breakthroughs, vitriolic rhetoric, crushing defeats and, ultimately, historic conclusions. (HuffPo)

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