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One Prediction Down, One To Go!

On October 19, 2008 By

Well, the news of Obama raising $150 million in September checks one prediction off my list. Only one more to go. Back in July, I told our readers this:

Obama will have a $100 million month

Obama will win in November and it won’t really be close

Remember who told ya. 😉

One down. One to go!

Obama Bomaye!

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Picked this up in a comment on our Intrade post that showed Obama will win the nomination and Presidency. Bet2Give is a similar site, but actually lets you give money to charity while investing and growing your account:

bet2give is a real-money prediction market where you grow your account with investments in smart predictions about the future, and give your winnings away to non-profit organizations of your choice.

Even has cool widgets that let you display the current results on your e-enabled Internet powered website:

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