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Is Romney giving up on Ohio?

On September 27, 2012 By

Today’s New York Times reports that Mitt Romney, in an attempt to repair the damage done by his “47 percent” comments, is running a new ad in key swing states in which he tries to relate to the unemployed and underpayed among us.

Interesting thing about the ad, according to the Times. It’s not running in Ohio:

On Wednesday, the Romney campaign reserved $3.4 million worth of advertising time in eight swing states. Nearly half of that — more than $1.5 million — was for Virginia. The rest was spread across Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North […]

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Women make up a majority—53 percent—of the national electorate, and are key to any Democrat’s path to the White House. In 2008, while Obama won the election by 7 points, his winning margin among women was 13. In Ohio, the picture was similar: women make up 52% of the electorate and went for Obama over McCain by 8 points.

Because of the importance of winning the women’s vote, we will be monitoring available polling in Ohio to see how this important demographic is feeling about the candidates. We posted earlier this month that the President […]

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Because I’ve got a video camera with her name on it.

The question, raised by Nate Silver and others: Is Firedoglake trying to scare vulnerable Democrats into retirement in order to kill health care reform? All indications point to ?yes.? I?m hearing that FDL will conduct more polls in vulnerable Democratic districts, based largely on this chart of the ?top 20 Democrats who could lose their seat over health care vote[s]. Snyder was at the top of that list, posted by FDL?s Jane Hamsher on Jan. 6. (One irony: Snyder is a fairly progressive member of Congress, and […]

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Americans to Dick Cheney: STFU

On April 13, 2009 By

Seventy-two percent of those questioned in the poll, which was released Monday, disagree with Cheney’s view that some of Obama’s actions have put the country at greater risk, with 26 percent agreeing with the former vice president.


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Biden/Palin Debate Polling

On October 2, 2008 By

CNN Biden 51/ Palin 36

CBS Biden 56/ Palin 21

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Interesting take. I’d often wondered about this. I know if I were 20 years younger and didn’t have kids I wouldn’t have a “home” phone. When my girls are old enough we may even become a family of cell phone only users and ditch the home phone all together. This seems like a natural shift, this cell phone only trend. At some point we’ll all just contact people individually instead of call their homes.

Salon points out how this dynamic may be causing Obama’s support to be under-reported by as much as 2-3%:

the sample I’ve described is […]

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