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Like most political junkies, we watch the ads.  Lots of them.  Most of the time they are what’s expected and not worth talking about outside of the normal back and forth of a campaign.  We certainly won’t be posting every single ad in the Presidential campaign and commenting on it.

Some ads, however, are worth calling attention to.  Sometimes we’ll call an ad out to say it is particularly effective and sometimes we’ll call it out to fact-check what we think is particularly misleading.

Obama for America just released a new ad this morning called “Firms”.

This one is going […]

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The question is, though, is this an issue that will motivate voters?  I mean those of us who already dislike Mandel will seize on this, and the fact that he’s running for higher office before serving three months in the position he was just elected, as a reason to continue to dislike Mandel.  But does this “promise” breaking cost Mandel with any of his supporters?  Or with Independents?

I think a more effective knock against Mandel is here’s a guy who will say anything to win (even if that requires him to do a 180 on gay rights, for […]

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John Kasich is his own worst enemy.  His JobsOhio plan is a recipe for cronyism and scandal.  There is precious little evidence that it would actually do a better job in creating jobs in Ohio.

I would have rather they had used the examples of the corruption in Florida, Michigan and elsewhere to attack this plan rather than tie it back into the Wall $treet attack line.   A little variety in their angle of attacks wouldn’t kill them.

Then again, they’re ads so far has taken a race that had Kasich showing double-digit aggregate leads to within the margins […]

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This is buried in today’s Columbus Dispatch story:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee also has requested information about ad rates before Tuesday’s primary but had not bought any time locally as of today.

A committee spokeswoman declined to comment.

Folks, it’s now Wednesday before the election.? It would be INSANE for the DSCC to put an ad up less than a week before the election as I cannot believe the DSCC, or anyone, is capable of producing an ad that could have a significant effect on the race to really make any difference.? That’s why I think it’s […]

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They are shocked! Horrified! They feel bamboozled. Run amok! Led astray! The unimaginable cruelty of an unfair attack ad on their candidate!

Got an email from Erick Erickson (which strikes me as a redundant name) at In it, he tries to make money off of a MoveOn ad about John McCain. This ad in fact:

After weeks of wingnuts running the Jeremiah Wright clip on a constant loop, NOW they want context. They want nuance of phraseology. They want people to understand the totality of statements made by someone in a political ad. They want to […]

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The speech I posted earlier is now an ad (and a good one). The Truth:

Even lists a 3 point plan! That should get Modern Esquire all hot and bothered. Look Modern! Bullet points!

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These guys are good:

Oh, and she didn’t get a bounce from it…she only put her finger in the dike of deflated polling! Played right (and it is), this could end up hurting her because it has the feel of her over-extending each hit instead of moving on to the next one. She spent 4 days on this!

You should help the campaign get to 1.5 million by May 6th.

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Hillary’s Blue Collar ad

On February 20, 2008 By

Running now here in Ohio, reproduced here for the benefit of our viewers. (I’m still in for Obama.)

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Chances are we won’t see this same type of ad in Ohio given the recent flap of her being caught in a blatant lie. It was only a matter of time for her to go negative. We’ll see a hit, but I think we’ve neutralized her ability to hit on debates. 😉

(ht to Adam in comments)

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Jill doesn’t like the idea of “joining”. Here’s my response to this feeling of reticence to “join”. Sure you don’t ever like to just join something because all the cool kids are doing it or because someone knocks on your door and infers you might go straight to hell if you don’t.

I’d argue what Obama brings to the table is all together different. I’ve razzed Jill before about the fact that she seems a bit tone deaf to the reasons for the massive Obama support. It’s about the deep desire to see things […]

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