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Here’s Kasich’s spokesman Rob Nichols Mansfield News Journal in response to Governor Strickland’s recent campaign appearance there:

Because of Ted Strickland’s mismanagement, Ohio still has higher unemployment than every neighboring state but Michigan, and we’re recovering more slowly,” Nichols wrote in an e-mail to the News Journal. “Relief is coming, however, and John Kasich encourages Ohioans to stay positive and hang in there because if he’s elected governor in November, we’ll be able to reduce spending and begin reducing taxes so we can revive the economy and create jobs.

Yes, it’s true that only Michigan is the only […]

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Um. Wow. Did a wingnut blogger really just use a photo of the crater caused from flight 93 on 9/11 to make fun of John McCain?

That doesn’t seem very American to me. Exploiting the 9/11 tragedy and those heroes on that flight in this way. Shameful.

BTW and FWIW, I totally agree with Alo Konsen’s analysis of McCain’s chances.

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Dave Stacey might call it “normal American politics”. I say it’s anything but normal. It’s perverse. It’s obscene:

At 9:29 p.m., I received in an email the sleaziest political press release I’ve ever seen. It came from the Republican Party of Pennsylvania and it’s headlined: “PAGOP: OBAMA – A TERRORIST’S BEST FRIEND.”

I have to agree with the assessment of the journalist who received this PR, Will Bunch:

Seriously, this is the kind of crap that people usually put on people’s car windshields at 3 in the morning, unsigned in crude block letters. The fact that the Republican Party […]

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The big McCain event in Dayton will be countered by one in Pennsylvania. Ladies and gentlemen, we have hardcore battleground state battling going on! Ring the bell.

Barack Obama campaign sources told CNN’s Gloria Borger and Jessica Yellin that Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden, will have their first post-convention joint rally Friday, likely in Pennsylvania.

That’s the day after Obama gives his presidential nomination acceptance speech, wrapping up the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

And it’s also the same day that John McCain is expected to hold a rally in Dayton, Ohio. The conventional wisdom is […]

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She was supporting Hillary because she thought she should as a woman. But when Clinton’s campaign disappointed her, she switched. Hillary’s comment about her and McCain being experienced and Obama only giving speeches was the last straw:

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So we remember what we’re dealing with here. A Democrat Governor calling Fox News fair and balanced:

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Perfect answer to Hillary’s earlier claim to be like Rocky:

“I know there’s been some talk about Rocky Balboa over the last couple of days. We all love Rocky,” but, he added, “last time I checked, I was the underdog in this state.”

Obama continued, as the crowd laughed, “You know, ‘Rocky’ was a movie. So is the idea that somebody can fight for working people, and at the same time embrace a broken system in Washington.”

This guy is good. Real good.

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