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Plunderbund has received a leaked memo from the very heights of the Lee Fisher campaign.? Its contents are below.


RE: PZF’s Sticky Fingers

It has come to our attention that despite our staff’s best efforts, PZF is still managing to horde and abscond with large quantities of our opponent’s campaign materials, including buttons, cards, flyers, etc.? In fact, even when cold busted in front of witnesses, PZF still hordes and absconds.

Effective immediately, if you are at an event, and you observe PZF carrying, holding, or otherwise absconding with a pile of our opponent’s campaign materials, all […]

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Multiple sources are confirming that Lee Fisher’s wife, Peggy Zone Fisher, has been seen taking stacks of Jennifer Brunner literature from various events, even pretending to want to help distribute it, and making it disappear.? This, of course, is a sign of confidence that Lee will win May 4.

In addition, Peggy Zone Fisher is reported to be stalking the Brunner campaign website for schedule info, then calling ahead to the hosts of Brunner events to harass the hosts along the lines of “how dare you”, “where’s Lee’s invite”, etc, including ministers at African American churches.? This also, of course, […]

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Here we go.? The Diversity Center, whose president & CEO is Lee Fisher’s wife, Peggy Zone Fisher, today issued a condemnation of the Aunt Jemima depiction of Nina Turner by George Forbes’ Call & Post.

We call on the Call and Post to retract its November 25, 2009 depiction of State Senator Nina Turner and apologize to the entire community.

Anyone think Lee Fisher has anything to do with this statement?

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