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As expected.

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Who knows if the PD or Steve Koff got embarrassed by the obviousness of their Leebagging, but in today’s print edition, the headline is very different from the headline which was so perfectly Leebagged even Naugle and Keeling slurped it up like spoo dripping off a scrotum.

I often wonder just how stupid MSM reporters really are. ? I mean, yeah, I’m pretty hard on them anyway, but this episode, in which Steve Koff rented out his laptop so blatantly to the Fisher campaign, reveals such a level of blissful stupidity you’d think Steve Koff is […]

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Shocking, I know!? In further proof that lifelong suckling of the government teat Jon Keeling desperately wants Lee to win this primary and then lose to Rob Portman, Keeling yet again proves all that government money he’s been handed his entire career hasn’t bought him a brain.

Over the weekend she lost the?endorsement of the Cleveland Plain Dealer to Lee Fisher, thereby driving what seems to be the 298th nail in her coffin. It isn’t exactly easy to lose the newspaper representing the entire Democratic base in Ohio and think you still have a shot.

Yes, Lee Fisher’s […]

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James Renner over at the Independent details just how much the PD has been in the pocket of Bill Mason lately.

It also revealed the chummy relationship that exists between Mason?s first-assistant Michael O?Malley and Plain Dealer metro editor Chris Quinn?they are close friends and some believed that friendship to be the main roadblock to any real coverage of Mason by Cleveland?s daily paper.

The Independent has since obtained emails between Quinn and O?Malley?176 over the last year?that show just how the prosecutor?s office was able to influence newspaper coverage of its employees at the Plain Dealer.

Click through […]

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Today’s editorial, as a commenter noted, cuts the cord.

As one of the leaders of the campaign for Issue 6, which voters passed overwhelmingly in hopes of ending county government as they know it, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason ought to understand better than most how sick the electorate is of cronyism, patronage and pay-to-play politics.

He has to know that his decision to award a no-bid contract to a former employee is exactly the kind of suspicious deal that drove the Issue 6 reform.

There’ll be a lot more on the relationship between the PD and Mason, […]

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A comment left by James Renner.

If Mason were a Gary Trudeau cartoon, he’d be depicted as a tantrum-prone 5-year-old ginger, pouting in his office, trying to pretend this isn’t really happening. I’ve only been reporting in this town for 6 years, I’m relatively green still. But, I have never been hit with so many leads telling the exact same story: that Mason is planning his resignation and that he’s hand-picking his replacements. These sources are sitting judges and county officials. Add to that the fact that effing nobody is coming out and saying “guys, he’s not resigning” and […]

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Apparently sensing that their Issue 6 golden boy is about to run for the hills, the Plain Dealer editorial board details Mason’s joy ride with his campaign treasurer Tom Regas, and ends with this, emphasis mine.

Against the backdrop of the biggest public corruption investigation in county history, such a scenario only adds to the public’s perception that key elected officials in this county lack proper judgment and personal restraint. Mason needs to reflect on how his recent behavior has added to that tarnish.

Perhaps the PD needs to reflect on how their recent behavior is adding to […]

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PD has the story that’s been percolating for a while now. ?And it sounds to me like the Seven Hills police are covering up.

“There is no report of Bill Mason in the report or car,” he said. He said his officers might not have recognized the man who was elected prosecutor in 1999.

“I don’t know if a Seven Hills officer would know him,” Durkin said. “I haven’t spoken with the officers. My info is from the reports.”

Bullshit. ?This incident needs to be investigated way more thoroughly than your average DUI. ?Bill Mason is the county prosecutor, […]

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Finally, a response from the PD regarding their scrubbing of a Bill Mason story, then unscrubbing, whose editors appear happy to hang their reporter, Leila Atassi, out to dry.

Mr. Russo, I am the reporter who wrote the story you’re discussing on your blog. The version of the article that ran originally online was not the finished story. ?Editors and I continued to tinker with it for several days before it was published in the newspaper, as information became available and could be confirmed.
The story ran without the two sentences in question simply because one […]

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The two lines – the central allegations – which have been missing from a PD article about Bill Mason’s dealings with a crony, and which PD editor Susan Goldberg cited as proof the article wasn’t a whitewash, have magically returned to the article. ?I received no answer to any of the questions about why the lines went missing. ?I expect no answer, and of course expect no explanation. ?Someone call a blogger ethics panel.

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This post has been screaming at me since the day Issue 6 passed, and even louder since the day I started looking real hard at running for one of the county council seats Issue 6 created.

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