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National: An End To Food Stamps?

Fox News is currently asking whether the federal food program for people in poverty should be eliminated because of recent data about program fraud. Creating the impression that there is widespread fraud in a federal program is the first step in a messaging war that will be waged as the right-wing prepares to introduce a budget that cuts spending on vital programs in order to pay for a diverse array of tax cuts for the billionaire class that helps keep them in office.

The Washington Post rightly notes that this $70 million in misspending represents just 0.09 […]

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Rothenburg Takes on Maggie Thurber

On September 30, 2008 By

Former Lucas County Commissioner and Tom Noe conduit Maggie Thurber gets taken to the woodshed by Brian Rothenberg at ProgressOhio. I guess Maggie has been shilling for the payday lending industry, an issue ProgressOhio has been taking the lead on (Vote YES on Issue 5, btw).

Brian asks some really important questions (and gives some rhetorical answers):

1. Was it wrong to help Noe launder money? YES

2. Should the mess in Washington teach us the dangers of loosely regulated capital? YES

3. Is greed one of the seven deadly sins? YES

4. How should we vote […]

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It’s really not surprising at all that the Payday Lending lobby would deceive people into signing a petition they think will restrict their industry. Their in the business of duping consumers. COHHIO has a new ad out that features those who want their names back:

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Not surprising, given that their entire business preys on the poor, but this is sick (and illegal):

COLUMBUS – Petition circulators for the national payday lending lobby illegally paid homeless men to sign referendum petitions for its campaign to undermine Ohio’s new payday reform law and have routinely misled voters by insisting that the referendum would lower interest rates – not raise them.

Voters from around Ohio took part in a Tuesday news conference to expose the illegal payments and the false information being used by the petition circulators.

Two residents of a Butler County homeless shelter, CHOSEN, joined the […]

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