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Glad the Paula Brooks campaign isn’t letting Tiberi get away with his latest fluff piece/horribly misleading ad. Tiberi has been in Congress representing the 12th since our boy John Kasich handed him the job in 2001. For Pat to be pretending that he’s from Main Street is just laughable. He’s the worst kind of Washington GOPer insider. He’s the biggest kind of patsy Congressman. Always a reliable vote no matter what agenda the Republicans in Congress are pursuing.

Pat either thinks the voters of the 12th are stupid or they have short memories. He also thinks he can’t lose. […]

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Breaking News!  Tiberi won’t sign a pledge not to privatize Social Security!

I like this web clip. Especially the imagery of Tiberi walking in a parade. It’s basically all he does. Smile, walk in parades, vote the party line, and get by. He’s done it for years and the go along to get alone strategy has worked quite well for him. It’s time for it to end, but will be admittedly tough in this political climate. He retained his seat in probably the worst climate imaginable last time out. I’m hopeful that Brooks can mount a strong challenge, but […]

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The Columbus Dispatch’s Daily Briefing blog disclosed that apparently the Dispatch (wisely) has a policy about not writing about internal campaign polls because they are not (really?) inherently reliable. 

This, of course, didn’t stop Congressman Tiberi’s campaign from trying really, really, really hard yesterday to let you know just how awesome his campaign pollster said he is.

The Dispatch notes that Brooks internally campaign polling does show Tiberi ahead, but with a much smaller lead, but within striking distance.  Although I haven’t seen the numbers, my gut tells me Brooks’ poll is probably more accurate.  Brooks […]

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Judging by the sudden Twitter chatter on the right, the Tiberi campaign really wants to try to downplay the fight he has on his hands against Franklin County Commissioner Paula Brooks.

Because why else would you see so much high-fiving over an internal campaign poll done by a highly disregarded pollster?

The National Journal’s Hotline On Call Blog reported the Tiberi campaign’s press release on the poll that was magically simultaneously picked up by just about every conservative twitter account in Ohio.  Again, these guys really couldn’t be more transparent.

The poll, conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, shows […]

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The Columbus Dispatch has reported on the new television ad being run by the “American Action Network” praising Pat Tiberi for loving puppies or something.  I dunno because the ad makes a series of claims without citing a single source or roll call vote.

It praises Tiberi, a guy who voted for the bailouts, for being against wasteful spending.  Seriously.

Of course, the Dispatch fails to note that the “American Action Network” is the brainchild of former Senator Norm Coleman (who lost to Al Franken… which I only mention because it pisses […]

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The Environmental Defense Fund is running ads against Pat Tiberi on climate change and energy. Seeing these a ton on TV today:

It looks like they are running two others against Mark Souder (IN-3) and Tim Holden (PA-17).

Tiberi and Souder are both Republicans. Holden is a Blue Dog Democrat. Both Republicans are in near 60/40 districts. I’m not sure about IN-3, but OH-12 is a pretty solidly Republican district that has been slowly trending more Democratic since 2002. The ads in OH-12 are good softening ads, but absent a strong challenge with a […]

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I have to give the Dispatch credit for one thing- at least they are consistent.

Their conservative editorial board doesn’t like Franklin County’s Quality Construction Standards because those standards benefit construction companies that use fairly-paid workers who usually- gasp! – belong to a union.

This one issue seems to drive many of their endorsements this year.

As County Commissioner, Mary Jo Kilroy supported those standards and last week the Dispatch gave that as their reason for not endorsing her for congress.

Paula Brooks, however, challenged those standards and the Dispatch used this as their reason to endorse Paula in […]

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