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Pam Geller’s Personal Jihad

On December 10, 2009 By

I don’t know about you but I remember being 17 all too well. I remember thinking I was the smartest person in the world. And I remember thinking my parents were complete idiots who didn’t understand me or any of the teenage turmoil, tension and occasional trauma I was going through.

It turns out I was wrong. No big surprise there.

Sure my parents weren’t always right. But they did their best while I was at my worst and I really regret putting them through all of that stupid drama. In the end we all got through it though. Primarily […]

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Breaking!!!!? See you in Columbus, Pam, I’ll be the one in the burqa….OOPS!? Just blew my jihadist cover!? Alert Patrick Poole!

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This batshit crazy bitch better bring her A-game Dec. 22.

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