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Recently, Republican Governors have been scrutinized on how closely they are sticking to Romney’s economic talking points. After John Kasich made one notable misstep, he seems to be getting onto the same set of talking points as Romney lately.

One item where the Governor’s views appear to be in lockstep with Romney’s is the subject of outsourcing.

Romney talks a good game on the campaign trail:

“They’ve been able to put American businesses out of business and kill American jobs,” he told workers at a Toledo fence factory in February. “If I’m president of the United States, that’s […]

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Just like every other week, today we got the latest poll from Rasmussen which essentially confirms what the latest Fox News poll said: this is a 5-7 point race, not a race where Kasich has a double-digit lead like the bipartisanly mocked Dispatch poll has claimed.

Two weeks ago, just as Strickland was beginning to go back on the air after giving the airwaves exclusively to Kasich and the RGA for six straight weeks of constant ads, Rasmussen showed Kasich with a 52% to 40% lead when leaners were included.  A twelve-point lead.

Little over one […]

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Here’s what Governor Strickland and Congressman Kasich said about outsourcing in last night’s debate (Source: ONN/WBNS TV Channel 10)


Except John Kasich knows that Ohio has lost jobs to China… because he’s voted on corporate boards to ship Ohio manufacturing jobs overseas.

John Kasich lied last night to the people of Ohio.  The only question is will anyone in the media call Kasich out on it.

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Seriously, the Republican Governors Association is engaged in that tired, cliche GOP tactic of false equivalencies.

This is an incredibly dumb ad for the RGA to run.

Incredibly dumb.

In making this ad, the RGA is conceding that support for policies that lead to outsourcing are wrong… from a Republican perspective.  That means the tax law changes that Senate candidate Rob Portman supported, the “free trade” deals that he pushed through Congress, and the repeated trade deals he and Kasich supported in Congress, like NAFTA, are “job killers.”

Don’t believe me, just ask the RGA!  It’s in their AD!

The […]

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Yep, John Kasich said he’ll use out-of-state workers to control Ohio’s economic development.  Again, Mary Taylor, a State Senator, and the House Minority Leader say nothing.  (HT: OhioCapitolBlog)

John Kasich’s written plan claims that he’ll only rely on Ohio business leaders.  But are you going to believe what he says on paper over what he says on video?

John Kasich will not only privatize Ohio’s statewide economic development efforts.  He’s already planning on outsourcing it, too.


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I found John Kasich’s latest TV ad curious. For a couple different reasons. First that the Kasich team would use DHL an example of Ohio job loss. Clearly they’d like to build the perception that the losses were due to the Governor mismanaging the state or for creating some non-existent “poor business tax environment”.

The reality of the DHL situation goes well beyond cute local or regional politics and speaks directly to the global financial meltdown. The “Lehman Brothers Recession”. It seems almost anything Kasich tries to hit Strickland with ends up right back in his lap and […]

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Apparently, Jon Keeling and Kasich’s “Tweetleaders for Failure” believes that one outsourced low wage call center that was used to administer a program that saved hundreds, if not thousands, of high paying Whirlpool and other appliance manufacturing jobs in Ohio equals Strickland to Kasich’s record on outsourcing.

Seriously?  You want to throw down on that?

I’ll take that fight.



Kasich voted, willingly, for trade deals with China that are estimated to have cost Ohio 90,000 jobs.   Ted Strickland voted no, saying it would cost Ohio jobs.

John Kasich voted, intentionally, for the […]

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