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The Dayton Daily News reports that Ted Strickland has gone after John Kasich over accepting $50k a year from OSU to give roughly a dozen appearances a year for seven years—appearance John Glenn and Rob Portman have done for OSU for free.

I apparently missed this in the initial reporting, but not only did OSU pay Kasich, but they also paid a $20k a year salary for Kasich to have an aide.  That aide went to Kasich’s long-time Chief-0f-Staff Don Thibaut.

“It says to me that John Kasich thinks he is a very special person, that the rules […]

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Yesterday, John Kasich announced his JobsOhio plan to legalize bribery privatize the Ohio Department of Development and create a board of corporate campaign donors executives who will be paid their private market rates in salaries and bonuses for deciding which business get how much of a slice of the corporate welfare pie in Ohio.  By promising Lehman Brothers-type compensation and bonus packages, you’d think someone would ask how is increasing overhead costs to administer these programs going to lead to a better result.  But what do I know?  I’m just applying rational thought and logic.

Last night, I […]

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