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Haven’t heard a peep from John McCain today, yet, even though he was on “Face the Nation” yesterday morning tearing Obama a new one over his foreign policies.

Obama was roundly criticized by Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden when they were rivals of Obama’s during the Democratic nomination fight.  Then, McCain and the Republicans attacked Obama over his willingness to go it alone and take unilateral action in Pakistan if it meant taking out Osama bin Laden.

Obama might have finally put to rest the nonsense that Democrats are “weak” on terrorism and wrong on foreign policy […]

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(HT: Daily Kos for the graphic)

3,520 days after Americans woke up to witness the largest mass casualty of a terrorist attack in our world history, we woke up to the news that the Administration of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner had killed Osama bin Laden, a mastermind and chief financier of the global terrorist network.

Last night, President Obama informed former President George Bush about the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden.  President Bush released this statement:

Earlier this evening, President Obama called to inform me that American forces killed Osama bin Laden, […]

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I always appreciate it when a candidate opens up to questions online, which Jennifer Brunner did today at DailyKos on the subject of President Obama’s Afghanistan speech tomorrow.? I like it even better when the candidate is responsive, which Jennifer was.? When the issue is Afghanistan, and a couple of questions immediately reveal the Hobson’s choice Barack now faces, you really begin to appreciate just how thoroughly George W. Bush fucked up our country.

Bottom line, Jennifer says it’s “Time to Bring Home the Troops”, “as soon as possible”, but when asked how this would affect our pursuit […]

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Get ready for more of this:

Pastor Roger Byrd said that he just wanted to get people thinking. So last Thursday, he put a new message on the sign at the Jonesville Church of God.

It reads: “Obama, Osama, hmm, are they brothers?”

Byrd said that the message wasn’t meant to be racial or political.

“It’s simply to cause people to realize and to see what possibly could happen if we were to get someone in there that does not believe in Jesus Christ,” he said.


(ht DKos)

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It’s funny ’cause it’s true. In a “laugh so you don’t cry” kind of way, of course.

(The answer to the title questions is, of course, “no”.)

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Queer Eye for the Jihadist Guy

On September 10, 2007 By

Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s amusing open letter to Osama about coloring his beard, I worked up this quick photochop with the Gimp.

I would have started messing with the text on the box art, but dammit – I said this was quick.

Update – Andrew changed the photo on his entry to use this one (and linked back to us). Tres cool.

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Update: Jerid has all the bases covered on this one. The excuse that he doesn’t know what signs everyone has is obliterated when we realize Mitt acknowledged a photo of the sign and gives Jerid his autograph on the back of it! Hey Mitt. Here’s your sign! Haven’t used this one in a long while, but it is appropriate: DAMN SON! You got punked.

Back from vacation and have a week’s worth of work crunch to devour, but couldn’t possibly miss this one. Another moment that would not have happened if visionary leaders on the left had not funded […]

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Another shocker: only a tiny fraction of cases filed by DHS are terror-related.

Despite repeated claims by high officials of the Bush Administration that fighting terrorism has been the central mission of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) since it began operating, the data show that in the last three years a claim of terrorism was made against only 12 (0.0015%) out of 814,073 individuals against whom the DHS has filed charges in the immigration courts.

Government rhetoric is about how the threat of terrorism requires vigilance in monitoring our borders. In fact, that canard is often thrown […]

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What’s wrong with this picture:

WHITE HOUSE (AP) – Trying to defend his war strategy, President Bush has declassified intelligence asserting that Osama bin Laden ordered a top lieutenant in early 2005 to form a terrorist cell that would conduct attacks outside Iraq, and that the U.S. should be the top target.

Renew the “why haven’t we caught or killed Osama?” question in the news cycle? Fine by me! Who is giving advice these days? The thinking is that this will prove the case for staying in Iraq because if we leave it will be a haven for terrorist […]

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