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The day after the election I was perusing Twitter in a “hate to look” sort of way when I saw something about a mob scene or some such down at ODP. Complete with Twitpics of lots of people in front of the old ODP offices (now Franklin County Dems). The right was losing their minds claiming ODP wasn’t paying canvassers and a riot was about to break out.

Of course our buddy DJWorcestershire was all over the case tweeting this and that about how the GOP didn’t pay canvassers and telling the media to get down there […]

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I’ve got yet another exclusive story in the Governor’s race, and it’s the kind that is going to make some Kasich staff turn off the coffee pot and Scott Milburn change his pants (like he needed to in 1996 after finding out Ted Strickland beat then-Congressman Frank Cremeans in their rematch of the 1994 race.)

As anyone who has followed the Kasich campaign will tell you, the Ohio Republican establishment has been fearful that John Kasich’s Wall Street experience could be a ticking time bomb that could go off right before the election, dooming its chances up and down the […]

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We have the tape! A reader sends in secret spy footage of a strategy session in which the Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin Dewine and John Kasich communications director Scott Milburn discuss how to stop the mean Ted Strickland from attacking them mercilessly:

PS – I think I cracked the code. I knew there was a reason the carpetblogger called his home Third Base Politics. What? Who? I dunno. THIRD BASE!

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Here’s the lede from the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s coverage of today’s bizarre press conference called by the Ohio Republican Party:

Republicans on Tuesday again tried to turn a perceived weak spot of their gubernatorial candidate John Kasich into a moot point.

The idea that the Lehman Brothers attacks have been a dud is pretty much refuted now by the fact that Kasich first ad was not a general introductory ad to voters, or even an attack ad against Strickland, but a misleading downplaying of his role at Lehman Brothers and now an ORP press conference attacking […]

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Got some airport wifi in Sacramento, which is great timing, because I’ve been wanting to weigh in on the GOP’s new AWESOME statewide ticket.

As I understand it, some dude named Seth or something is now being floated across the wingnutosphere for auditor, thirty days before the filing deadline. ?SO damn AWESOME! ?I guess tomorrow we’re gonna have the SUPER jacked up AWESOME announcement that John Kasich is parroting John McCain to give Ohio yet another MOST FUCKING AWESOME Sarah Palin clone. ?WAY AWESOME!!

John Kasich is doing to the Ohio Republican Party with Mary Taylor what John McCain did […]

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Why is Jon Husted waging War on Christmas? First he gets busted using the corporate jets of lobbyists to jet off family and friends on fishing trips and bowl games. Then he can’t remember where the hell it is he actually lives. Now he’s waging War on Christmas?

Happy Holidays??? warmth and joy of the HOLIDAY season???

WTF Jon. You a commie? Peace and love???

Are you serious Jon? Jesus. Hah. Yes. JESUS. You don’t mention Jesus at all and only a passing reference to his father. Pagan trees and wrapped gifts. No mention of CHRISTMAS. No […]

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Latest from the ORP!

Obama is no Ronald Reagan

For the Obama gang who dared to compare their boss to Ronald Reagan, here’s a little refresher on the difference between a conservative and a liberal…

I would simply respond with two words.



That is all.

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ODP hops on a very important issue this election cycle. The potential disenfranchisement of hundreds of thousands of voters – including the now famous “Joe the Plumber”:

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss the potential impact of Republican lawsuits on voters in similar circumstances to “Joe the Plumber” whose last name – Wurzelbacher – appears with an “o” instead of a “u” on registration rolls. Since he is not a new registrant, Joe himself would probably not be among the 200,000 cases who Republicans claim are possible cases of fraud – […]

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