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Secretary of State Jon Husted recently issued a press release followed by an email to their list a couple of days later about a neat little “Ready 2012 and Beyond” proposal to – well, get ready for the GOP to do electoral battle against Obama and Democrats in 2012.  Duh.  The quoted part does seem like a dog whistle to their brethren who will get the message.  This isn’t about reforming the elections process to instill voter confidence and increase access.  The GOP has proven time and again that they really don’t care much for that.  This is a […]

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Maryellen O’Shaughnessy takes the Democracy for America Grassroots All Star voting for Ohio. Support from the DFA Chair and email list use will go a long way toward helping Maryellen become the next Secretary of State. There are other perks as well. This is a good get for O’Shaughnessy. Good stuff.

Congrats to the campaign and to Maryellen!

(ht Dave at ProgressOhio)

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