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After getting wind that hundreds of students were on their way to speak out about gun violence, Republican lawmakers at the Ohio Statehouse cancelled session and made themselves scarce.

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14 votes.

That’s how close Democrats are to avoiding something just shy of the worst-case-scenario in the Ohio statehouse.

Republicans currently control the 99-member Ohio House of Representatives with a 59 member majority. That’s plenty to pass legislation into law, as we’ve seen since 2010. But if the GOP had 60 votes, their powers increase.

With a 60-vote “super majority,” legislative Republicans add to their powers in two key ways:

1. With 60 votes, the GOP can unilaterally put measures on the ballot. Typically, because of the 60-vote requirement, measures placed on the ballot legislatively are popular, bipartisan proposals like […]

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After he was elected, Governor Kasich said that the state’s teachers unions should take out a full page ad to apologize to him. He also told unions and other interest groups to “get on the bus” or he would run them over.

It didn’t take long. In the state budget, Kasich and the GOP-controlled legislature drained nearly $2 billion from public education, resulting in new levies and drastic cuts at schools across the state. The budget also accelerated the transfer of public money to private and for-profit charter schools and implanted the same controversial scheme to tie teacher pay to […]

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The Carpetblogger is amazed at the “trend” that a bunch of Republican lawmakers from across Ohio all today issued separate press releases from different regions of Ohio today to discuss the economy.  Keeling wrote four posts about these releases, each one, more amazed at the coincidence that these lawmakers were saying the same thing at the same time.

It’s almost like these lawmakers didn’t actually release these press releases at all, but they were all issued in a coordinated fashion by the some central organization like… the Ohio Republican House Caucus, […]

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Despite their best efforts, the Senate GOP Caucus could not unite behind an alternative plan to Governor Strickland’s proposal to freeze the implementation of the final phase of the state income tax cuts begun in 2005.? Therefore, they have resigned themselves to giving the Democrats the five votes necessary to pass their modified version of the House’s plan.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Senate GOP plan delay implementation of a majority of the tax cut with the remaining hole filled by other sources, such as the casino licensing fees being paid now that Issue 3 has […]

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I like Ohio House Elections and Ethics Committee Chairman Dan Stewart (D-Columbus).? He was the main Democratic sponsor of H.B. 176, the bill that would have added sexual orientation and gender identity to Ohio’s housing and employment anti-discrimination laws.? But I don’t understand what his committee is doing killing the Golden Week of voting.

Today, his Committee voted out H.B. 260, which would make substantial changes to Ohio’s election laws.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the Democratic House bill would get rid of the “Golden Week”- wherein people could register to vote and then cast an […]

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Programming note really. I had a coffee meeting set up with Kelley Winzlaff, candidate for the Ohio House out of District 2, but we had a mix up in timing and weren’t able to get together. We’ve rescheduled and I look forward to chatting.

Hoping to get some audio maybe or video as well. Worst case, I’ll have a write up of the talk and go in to more detail about the race. Looking forward to it. If you have any questions to ask, leave them in the comments (especially those in the 2nd District).

An aside: […]

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