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Thanks to nearly $3 million in outside spending by Republican groups, Republican Troy Balderson posted a narrow victory in the August special election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional district. In November, he’s on his own.

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Troy Balderson is fastidiously avoiding the media and interaction with voters in the lead-up to the August 7th Special Election for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. In that sense, it’s starting to look like a repeat of the Pennsylvania election of Democrat Conor Lamb.

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The fight for the special election in House District 12 to replace Rep. Pat Tiberi has seen its fair share of attack ads. This is especially true from Republican candidate Troy Balderson. Attack ads seem to be all the craze these days, so I think I can speak for all of us when I say that ads highlighting a candidate’s leadership abilities are refreshing. That is exactly what is done in Democratic candidate Danny O’Connor’s recent ad, ‘Shannon’.

The spot features Shannon Ward, a mother of two from Delaware, OH, who voted for President Donald Trump in 2016. […]

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Glad the Paula Brooks campaign isn’t letting Tiberi get away with his latest fluff piece/horribly misleading ad. Tiberi has been in Congress representing the 12th since our boy John Kasich handed him the job in 2001. For Pat to be pretending that he’s from Main Street is just laughable. He’s the worst kind of Washington GOPer insider. He’s the biggest kind of patsy Congressman. Always a reliable vote no matter what agenda the Republicans in Congress are pursuing.

Pat either thinks the voters of the 12th are stupid or they have short memories. He also thinks he can’t lose. […]

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Been on a two week gauntlet of business travel, but feel I need to comment on this old story about Pat Tiberi being a stimulus hypocrite (among the parade of recent GOP stimulus hypocrites outed lately).

Pat’s my Congressman. Dude pretty much knows how to lay low, go along to get along, and is generally considered a GOP patsy kind of guy. Did it surprise me to hear that while railing against the stimulus bill Pat was also writing letters trying to score some cash for his district? Not one bit. He’ll most likely get away with it too. Voters […]

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So I get a Facebook group invitation from Jordan Smith today. I get tons of those and ignore most, but this one caught my eye: “How about this: Brunner for the Ohio 12th Congressional District!”

Huh? LOL. Where have we seen this argument before. I KNOW! Paul Hackett. Don’t run for Senate Paul. Just be happy to run for that little Congressional job. There is someone else and it’s “their turn”.

Shit gets so old.

So the argument is that both candidates are great and all, but Jennifer should just settle for running for a Congressional seat […]

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