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Begging you.

The entire Ohio Democratic Party is teed up to put your political career to rest, with dignity and grace. ?Your own home county party is ignoring your race, to the point that you had to have paid staff collecting signatures at last weekend’s executive committee meeting. ?The writing is on the wall – you’re behind, you know it, you’re gonna lose, and so you have a choice to make.

Lee, you can go out gracefully, putting up a good fight the whole way, and perhaps one day fool everyone into thinking you might be worth another statewide shot. […]

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A primary against Lee Fisher is set in stone, so I think it’s a good time to step back and see where we are, and where Jennifer needs to go to win this race.

Lee Fisher will outspend Jennifer by a mile, and then some, with a torrent of brain numbing TV ads which will make us all dumber. ?Jennifer will have enough money to be visible in the race if nothing changed. ?However, I’ve argued before, and still believe, that Jennifer can close that money gap in a heartbeat online. ?For that to happen, a lot has to change […]

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Jon Keeling, everyone’s favorite taxpayer funded, former John Kasich staffer, Ohio Republican douchebag blogger, is really tipping his hand lately.? Yesterday, Jon Keeling made it clear he’d rather that Rob Portman run against Lee Fisher.? Today, he takes a silly shot at Tom Ganley, Portman’s teabagging, NY23 Doug Hoffman endorsing, teleprompter reading primary opponent from Tea Party Central Casting.

I’m beginning to like Jon Keeling.? But I’m REALLY beginning to like Tom Ganley.

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