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Here are the four Ohio Congressional districts most likely to flip from red to blue in November’s election.

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Ohioans for Economic Opportunity, an advocacy group previously featured on our site, has come out with a new ad campaign urging Congressman Steve Chabot (OH-01) to end his cowardly behavior and face his constituents. The TV and radio spots are part of a $250,000 campaign targeting Chabot on his lack of explanation for why he voted to sabotage their access to health care by undermining the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The new spot, “Questions”, includes real Ohioans hosting a town hall with an empty pulpit as their launch their concerns with many of […]

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There might be an anti-incumbent wave building in the midterms, as six Ohio Democrats seeking to flip districts to blue raise over $100,000, four of them topping the fundraising of the incumbents they are challenging.

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If having the national congressional campaign pull out of your race is a sign of that weakness, then doesn’t the fact that NRCC pulled out first mean something?

Apparently not, if you’re the national political press.  This morning, the Twitterverse was, well, all a twitter over Stu Rothenberg’s site reporting that the DCCC had cancelled its ad buys after this week in this race as a sign of the Democrats writing off the race.

However, as I reported earlier, the Driehaus campaign stated that the DCCC simply was responding to the NRCC pulling out of the race first.


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Wow…. that ad is more effective that I realized!

Yesterday, I wrote:

Despite an attempt by Chabot’s campaign and outside Republican groups to tout some, well, laughable poll numbers, the race is still considered a tossup, even as forecasters like Charlie Cook have gotten more bullish on the GOP’s chances of retaking the House.

Almost immediately after writing that post, we started to see conservatives (who denying reading us like they’ve never seen a Playboy, but for some unknown reason felt compelled to say something about the race immediately after my post) tweeting about how the “most […]

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In 2008, Steve Chabot’s twelve-year career in Congress ended when he lost to Steve Driehaus by 5%, or roughly 15,000 votes.  That was as big of a margin as any Republican incumbent in what is not considered a marginally Republican district that lost despite no sex or ethics scandal.

In 2006, Chabot barely won re-election by roughly 9,000 votes.  In other words, for some reason, people started to get “creeped” out at the idea of having Steve Chabot as their congressman.Nonetheless, as soon as he lost, Chabot conceded and then promptly began campaigning for his old job back.

Steve […]

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